The Most Powerful Force

more me I haven’t thrown out a hot opinion like this in a long time. I’ve come to a conclusion, and it’s a little radical, but I think I’m right on this and feel free to throw down your own HSO (hot spiritual opinion) if you like. (I’m sure the theologians will dismantle me on this, but think it through.) 

Love is NOT the most powerful force in the world. The songwriters pour emotion into music and move the masses to believe that love can change the world. The writers pen stories of the power of love overcoming every foe on the planet. But there is one foe that love, even in its purest form cannot subdue… selfishness! 

Please understand… I think love is the best thing we experience in life. It drives us all and I believe it’s the most important thing. We all need it to grow and thrive. It is the fabric of all good relationships. It calls people to nobility and heroism. I cannot begin to give love its due in this little window, but the notion that all you need is love is inaccurate. 

How many wives deeply love husbands who cheat repeatedly? How many kids love their daddy only to see him walk away? How many men have loved faithfully for years while their wives coldly go about their lives unaffected? How many ministers have loved and served their people faithfully only to have the poison of church politics destroy it all?  

We simply can’t love deeply enough, long enough, faithfully enough to change another persons heart. Bonnie Raitt was right when she sang, “I can’t make you love me if you don’t. I can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.”  

God is the embodiment of perfect love. To be in his Presence is exist in love. Yet, in heaven, in the Presence of God’s love, Lucifer chose selfishness over Love. God’s love and the absence of sin did not prevent selfishness from giving birth to pride. Pride is a sin of self-worship and its core is self-centeredness. Does this mean that God or His love is weak? Of course not! With a thought, he could force us all to adore him. God’s design for love is that it cannot be forced on another; it can only be offered and demonstrated to others. Once in a while we choose love over self. 

Has faithful love ever overcome? Of course it has… it does every day. My point is that our love, no matter how deep, enduring or faithful cannot change the selfish heart. In the end, they have to choose love over self. In the song, Difficult Kind, Sheryl Crow says,  

If you could only see
What love has made of me
Then I’d no longer be in your mind
The difficult kind

It’s easy to see when love takes the place of selfishness. The only way love conquers selfishness is if selfishness surrenders. Those of us who have surrendered to God know that the test of our faithfulness to Him is not our struggle to believe, it is to choose to love Him beyond our own selfish desires.  

telemicus out

3 Responses to The Most Powerful Force

  1. Eric Hanson says:

    I agree that Love cannot subdue Selfishness: Submissiveness cannot produce the tyranny required to subdue anything, while Tyranny thrives from the submissiveness of others. However, Selfishness ultimately destroys its host by ever-increasing displays of that power. Selfishness must consume and, eventually, it devours itself. Love, on the other hand, slowly builds up.

    I tend to think of Love’s power as similar to gravity: It’s not too terribly impressive of a force (when is the last time you were amazed by it), but it is very powerful and, more importantly, constant. The spectacular explosiveness of a consuming supernova might be infintely scarier, but it will burn itself out one day. And when it does, you can be sure that gravity will still be there, ready to bring together what is blown apart.

    Perhaps the verdict of which force is more powerful depends on whether the evidence is gathered from the small or the large; the personal or the communal; the immediate or the eternal. Not that any of these are more important than the others, but a static viewpoint from one over the others will lead to one polarized answer over the other.

    (Michael’s Comment) Eric I agree in principle with you here. However, we dont always have to luxury of seeing or living in the big picture. For example – we cant let our kids be selfish little brats because ultimately the world might teach them the flaw of being that way. We cannot love them out of it. My point is that we have to eyes wide open about people who are selfish and accept that love is not the answer for them. Of course they can change, but simply loving them wont be the catalyst that makes that change.

  2. Tim Pinon says:

    Michael, I found your most recent post thought provoking, which is a good thing and a credit to you, and after pondering your message, I have a slightly different take; I think Love still is the Most Powerful Force. Isn’t selfishness still love? I think it’s simply a “misguided” or “misfocused” love. It is a love for ones own self or something above all others. It could be a love of money, of power, or fame, but it’s still love that is the driving force; it’s just love that’s chosen the wrong object as their highest priority to love.

    I just had another thought, so that I can contradict myself. I just thought of Paul writing that if I accomplish everything, but have not love, it’s meaningless, so now I’m not so sure of what I just wrote. :-)

    (Michael’s Comment) Tim I like your re-thought on this. It is the nature of selfishness to destroy – even to the ultimate destruction of the self.

  3. Doug says:

    WOW, missed this one. Glad I went back. Michael, Eric and Tim, you really think deep. Very eye (mind) opening.

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