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Informed Consent I am a member of the Rockwall Christian Writers Group. One of our members is helping a fellow author promote a new book through a Blog Tour. The Telemicus Files is one stop on the tour.  The book is Informed Consent and the author is Sandra Glahn. Some of the information here is story summary and a few interview questions, but I want to share a few thoughts of my own as well. 

My Thoughts: 

I enjoyed the book. I love stories that have unique twists and plot changes that you don’t see coming. There were several times I thought I had it figured out and Sandra zigged when I zagged. The characters were realistic and developed well. The emotional turns were strong and the story didn’t let me off the hook, (I found myself experiencing anxiety.) I also enjoyed the subtle Christianity displayed in the fabric of the story. It didn’t feel like window dressing, it seemed the texture of the glass, clear, but unobtrusive. If you enjoy fiction and especially if you have a medical background, you’ll enjoy Informed Consent. 

Book Description:

Jeremy Cramer, M.D. is the next Einstein of infectious disease research. While working on a way to revive water submersion victims, he makes a breakthrough discovery in AIDS research that thrusts him into the center of a media frenzy. But the publicity turns negative and his marriage reaches the breaking point when he accidentally infects a colleague and his negligence allows his son to contract a lifethreatening disease. The viruses test the limits of his new formula and his ethics. In his frantic efforts to save his son and his marriage, he must decide whether to allow his child to die or violate the rights of a young transplant donor. The choice forces him to stand face-to-face with the unfathomable love required to sacrifice an only son. 

Interview Questions:

How did you come up with this story? Was there a specific ‘what if’ moment?

The story had a thousand or more ‘what if’ moments. I’m pursuing a PhD in Aesthetic Studies, and I worked on the setting, characters, a lot of the plot, as well as my narrative voice during three novel-writing classes taught by a novelist who writes fiction reviews for Publishers Weekly. And I got some great feedback from fellow students who don’t believe in Christ about ways to address faith issues more naturally. I also took a Dante class, which influenced my choice to give my characters five of the seven deadly sins. (I’m saving the other two for a future work.) 

What made you decide to write a book that deals with AIDS?

The church in Africa is doing a fantastic job dealing with HIV-AIDS. The North American church not so much. So I wanted to tackle some of our misconceptions, challenge some of our stereotypes, and hopefully help readers consider their own involvement with AIDS patients. 

Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

Dr. Nate Barlow. He’s imperfect, but he cares so much for his patients. And he’s a good friend. He has every reason to be arrogant, but he’s oblivious to his own greatness. 

Author Bio:

Sandra Glahn, ThM, teaches in the media arts program at Dallas Theological Seminary, where she edits the award-winning magazine Kindred Spirit. The author of six books and co-author of seven others, she is pursuing a PhD in Aesthetic Studies (Arts and Humanities) at the University of Texas at Dallas . She recently released her first solo medical suspense novel, Informed Consent (Cook). She is the co-author of three other such novels, which include the Christy Award finalist, Lethal Harvest.

If you would like to order Informed Consent, click here and it will take you to the book on Amazon.

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