Bruce - Magic The Boss is back with another album. It’s called Magic and it is greatness. I’ve been a Bruce fan for a long time. Born to Run came out in 1975 when I was 16 years old. I developed a real appreciation for his writing and music in the 80’s. His life has had it’s ups and downs, but he continues to write from the heart and to make music that is genuine. It’s not over engineered, tricked up, or over the top. It’s just good solid old-fashioned rock and roll. 

While I don’t agree with some of Bruce’s political positions, he does have the right to speak his heart through his music. There are a couple of songs on the CD that are anti-war, but not overtly so. (For the record – EVERYONE should be anti-war. War is sometimes necessary, but it is always a bad thing for man to be at war. Pray for peace.)  

Among my favorite songs on the album are; Your Own Worst Enemy, Long Walk Home, You’ll Be Coming Down and Radio Nowhere. But far and away the song I like best is, Girls in Their Summer Clothes. It’s a completely different sound for Bruce, but I like the message. It’s nostalgic and light. It’s about a guy with a broken heart who hasn’t given up on the idea that someone might love him. 

In the song, the guy is out and noticing everything around him and also noticing that the girls don’t notice him. But toward the end of the song, when the waitress at Frankie’s Diner offers a “penny for your thoughts,” he says, “Loves a fool’s dance. I ain’t got much sense, but I still got my feet.” I think the guy is saying that he still has hope. I like that. Life has a way of beating us and staying at the task for a long time. But in an earlier line of the song he says, “Things been a little tight – But I know they’re gonna turn my way.”  

It’s hard to keep hoping for thing to get better when it’s been hard for a long long time. But the noble heart stands fast. It hopes beyond hope. It doesn’t mean you believe in something that is doomed. It means you believe that things are going to break your way in time. It trusts in the goodness of life and God’s roll in it. When we trust in God we trust in his justice. I don’t join ranks of those who believe everything is bad and getting worse. That’s a miserable way to live. Believe in good things and that God is at the core of all things good. 

Magic is not positive in all respects, but it is really good. If you have a great friend, listen the words of Terry’s Song and say a prayer for your friend and share the song. As my friend Jim McGuiggan says, “Think noble things of God.”  

telemicus out

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