Love Has It’s Reasons

Pascal Did you ever watch a movie that is clearly not worth the time you spent with it? In our family, those movies are on “The List!” It is a dubious dishonor to be on “The List.” Among the titles on “The List” (cause I know you’re curious) Fargo, Road to Perdition, The Good Girl, Lord of War, Marie Antoinette and of course there are others. I am going to add another film to this list of lame films that I don’t feel 100% about, but I’m adding it nonetheless. Come Early Morning. 

Come Early Morning is a movie with a good point but horrible screenplay, mostly weak acting, poor plot and the end is iffy. (I’ll take a weak film if the end if redemptive.) The only plus in terms of acting is Ashley Judd. The film came out last year and went almost directly to video stores. The one thing that came out of it was a line from one of the characters that stuck in my head. Like most good lines, it came from somewhere else, not this lame film.  

Ashley Judd’s character is visiting an older married couple who fight constantly. She asks the woman why she stays with this horrible man and fights through this torture every single day. Her response is the line we are here to consider. She said, “Darlin, love has reasons that the heart knows nothing about.” This line is actually a quote from Pascal who said, “Love has its reasons that Reason knows not.”


Sometimes love makes no sense at all. I’ve known a lot of people who stayed with mates that clearly deserved to be alone. I’ve seen the unforgivable, forgiven. I’ve seen patience that seemed super human. One of the most amazing verses in scripture says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). This love makes no sense of course. It’s beyond reason or understanding. 

Brennan Manning notes a line in a French Easter Liturgy that says, “L’amour de Die est folie – the love of God is foolish.” It’s the nature of love to be foolish. It sees more good than bad, it takes offense too often, and it really is patient and kind. It returns good for bad. When selfishness (the opposite of love) makes demands, love goes the extra mile. Yes, love has reasons that are beyond what the heart can grasp. (If I have to say out loud that love has limits, even God’s love, consider it said.) 

If you find such a love, cherish it. You may know a thousand reasons why another person shouldn’t love you… and even more why God shouldn’t. But the love of good people and the love of God is foolish. 

telemicus out

2 Responses to Love Has It’s Reasons

  1. Tim says:

    Upon further review… I’m glad I stopped by today. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. J Neve says:

    Wow. Thanks for daring to say that. I suppose I needed to be slapped upside the head today. On the topic of the movie, what a butchering of Pascal, but then, perhaps it is more true to the character for “her” to state it that way. I have nothing eloquent to add to your post–only the confession that I hardly understand love at all, am essentially incapable of agape love, and eternally grateful for the love of God. And for your posts. -JN

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