Upon Further Review

Steeler Ref

Well its football season again. And with football season comes another birthday for me. 48. I read the other day that the phrase we have long associated with football will now be a part of the NBA… upon further reviewThe NBA will use it, not to see if one of their refs has blown a call, (on purpose or otherwise) but to make sure that they can pinpoint the guilty party in an on court fracas or the magnitude of a flagrant foul.

I like official reviews when they get it right of course. Not like in the playoff game the Steelers stole a couple of years back. But I’m wondering from time to time if we wouldn’t like to have them in everyday life. For example; upon further review, let’s go out to dinner. Or; upon further review you can’t borrow the car this weekend. Or; upon further review I would like to take what I just said – back. 

I asked my students to write on an index card any question that they would like to ask their parents if they knew the answer would come back honestly and totally answer. Some questions were silly; “Mom do you dress like that to embarrass me or do you really think it looks good?” Ohters were sadly serious, “Dad, why did you choose mom?” 

You see there are moments in life where we look back and ask questions that require further review. But we can rarely change the call. We made choices with eternal consequences and those things that have eternity attached to them chart the course of life. One of my favorite lines from the movie Gladiator is, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” It’s a great truth and sometimes the simplest of decisions can have a devastating affect on our future.  

This does not mean that we should stand as if paralyzed by the fear of making a bad choice. Neither should we sit and stew in regret over our own “blown calls.” It means we should be wise, seek good counsel and proceed with confidence once we make our choices. I hope the football season goes well for my team, I hope the NBA figures out how to clean up their mess. And upon further review, I hope I am a better person in the second half of my life than I have been in this first half. 

telemicus out

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