Jonathan – Part 1

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There is no character in scripture that intrigues me more than Jonathan – son of Saul. Somehow the writers and teachers, especially in the “men’s movement” have overlooked his heart and character. His wisdom, strength, courage and goodness deserve an examination. So I am going to share a few thoughts about him. There may be a couple of entries each week for a while.  

A couple of weeks ago, I took the Boy to see Live Free or Die Hard. It was what you would expect one these Die Hard films to be. But in the course of the film we learn something more about John McClane. We learn why he is The Guy!  

In the story that involves a lot of technology, John McClane is a foreigner. He knows little about the technical world. His assignment is to pick up a kid who is a computer hacker and deliver him to Washington. Suddenly both McClane and the kid get caught in the middle of a technological assault on America. During one of their discussions, the kid asks McClane why he is the guy going after the criminals. After all, he’s just a NY cop. McClane says, “It has to be done and no one else is doing it.” Then the kid says what we were all thinking, “That’s what makes you The Guy.”

At a time during Saul’s reign over Israel, the Philistines sent raiding parties to destroy their ability to make weapons. They were so successful that the people of Israel had to go to the Philistines to get their farm tools sharpened. In those days the Israeli army possessed no weapons except those of Saul and Jonathan (I Samuel 13:17-22). 

Chapter 14 tells the story of Jonathan taking on an entire outpost of the Philistine army with only his armor bearer at his side. There are three things to note about this effort. First, he went on his own. It wasn’t an assignment. While his dad sat under a tree wondering what to do, Jonathan was doing it. The noble heart takes initiative (vs. 1-3). Second, he went with God’s purpose and power. The noble heart trusts God (vs. 6-12). Finally, Jonathan’s actions inspired the nation of Israel. His action resulted in equipping his men for battle. And his actions were not appreciated by his father, (shock). But verse 23 tell us, “So the LORD rescued Israel that day…” The noble heart gives God the glory for battles won. 

These posts are supposed to give us a glimpse of the heart of nobility. I’m saying that one of the marks of the noble heart is the willingness to do what needs doing when no one else is willing to do it. It’s what made John McLane – The Guy. It’s what made Jonathan son of Saul – The Guy. Be bold, take initiative and act. When you take action, trust God. When He gives you victory or success, give Him the glory. Do what needs to be done – that’s what will make you The Guy.

telemicus out

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