A Learning Road Trip – Part 2

Taylor SignOn the second portion of Learning Journey, I drove from Wheaton, Illinois to my adopted hometown of Kirksville, Missouri. It was a nice drive on a perfect day. I stopped in Quincy, Illinois for a visual visit to a couple places we lived when I was a boy. I also wanted to see the church building that played a big role in my spiritual journey.

When I saw the two houses we had lived in, I was amazed at how small they looked. The size of the trees surprised me too. Perhaps it’s not the trees that surprised me, but rather how fast 40 years can happen. I snapped a couple of pictures, thought for a few minutes about friends, and wondered what ever happened to them. Then I drove on. 

The church looks the same. When I was a boy, there was a pig farm next door to the church. Now it’s a little league ball field. Upgrade. The church looks smaller too of course. It’s special to me because it’s where my dad baptized me, January 10, 1971. It’s also the place of my commitment to teach God’s word – I was 15. It was nice to see it again. 

I crossed over the Mississippi River and in a few miles came to Hiway 6. As I began my right turn, I noticed a sign that read TAYLOR. I liked that. So I stopped and took a picture of it. Then settling back into the driver’s seat, I put in a CD, rolled all the windows down and turned the music all the way up and drove in glorious sunshine and fresh air for over an hour. Most Excellent! 

For reasons that I can’t explain, I love Kirksville and I guess I always will. I have the New Testament on MP3 and I listen to selected chapters on my i-pod. Right now, I am listening to John 13. When the narrator read verse one it caught my ear because it sounds different from the NIV. It said, “He loved them to the end.” This is the only place that the scriptures express that Jesus loved the Apostles. 

We hear a lot these days about never ending love. What are those things that you will love to the end? Have you said so? We are doing better in our family about saying that we love each other. I don’t like it when it sounds like habit rather than a true expression, but I think we need to say more often, “l love you to the end.”

telemicus out

2 Responses to A Learning Road Trip – Part 2

  1. Bill Meeks says:

    Hey Taylor….. you know, you and your FAMILY are those that I will love until the end! I don’t know that I have ever said it, except maybe to your mother as a child, it has been just one of those things that has been embedded in my heart without question, but has gone unsaid. Thanks for the nudge!!! I remember Quincy and I remember Kirksville!! Wow, that was 2 lifetimes ago!! I am sitting here like a little boy with tears in my eyes reflecting/remembering all of the family times that we have shared together, the good and even the not so good, but hey, that’s part of what has made us what we are today! Right??? I love you man!!! SHINE ON!!! Bill

  2. J Neve says:

    Cool chautauqua. I wish you would take more road trips and write about them….it provides a very nice setting within which to ponder a point. It’s like I’m driving with you.

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