It’s Fun Being Right

A few weeks ago I was reading and I found some information that, to me, indicated the price of gas was going to drop significantly. This was well before it was in the main stream media. I ran into my wife at Wal-Mart and she mentioned that she needed to buy gas. I said to her, “Only buy a little, the price is going to drop by a dime in the next few days.” A lady, total stranger, standing nearby said incredulously, “Well how do you know?!” I said, “Trust me, its going to drop.” I wish I could run into her now. It’s fun being right.  Last night, coming home from Caleb’s football practice he commented on something that he was right about. Then he said, “Maybe I inherited being right about stuff from you.”  

I’ve been accused of thinking that I’m always right. Most of the time I do think I’m right – but not because I’m some sort of egomaniac or “know-it-all”, but because I don’t reach opinions or conclusions without forethought. Why would a person walk around thinking that they are wrong, or even that there is a possibility that they are wrong? It has somehow become reasoned or politically correct not to have strong opinions. And if we do have a strong opinion then we should at least make sure that we preface those opinions with, “Well I could be wrong, but…” Sorry – I’m just not going to go that way. It’s more fun being right. Jesus said, “You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one. But if I do judge, my decisions are right, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me,” (John 8:15-16). Jesus declares his judgment right based on what makes it right, his relationship with the Father. We need to be sure of what we believe and even of the opinions we hold. It would be best if we held those opinions based on our relationship with the Father. I’m not talking about subjective nonsense like what kind of pizza is best, (thin crust pepperoni,) but on things that really matter.  

Well-informed people get good information, think through various positions, take into account the feelings and opinions of people on both sides of an issue, and come to sound conclusions. If the subject matters at all, then hold strong convictions based on good information. And by all means, be right. Now if you learn more or get new information that warrants a change, you should alter your position. Being hardheaded and stubborn is dumb. Admit when you’re wrong, but make being wrong an exception rather than the rule because it’s fun to be right.  Above all, make caring and loving people more important than your being right. In all seriousness, I’ve done the – I’m right and I can overpower you with reason, fervor and volume – thing. It’s a losing proposition. People are not convinced because we beat their brains in. People are moved to agreement by quiet confidence, a godly manner, a gentle spirit and the testimony of seeing that you were right. I suppose there are people who just enjoy being wrong – not me. I want to be right. Now for better reasons than when I was younger. And… It’s fun being right! telemicus out

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