Mostly Good…

We are in a series of lessons at church called, The Master’s Touch. It’s a study in Mark. I assign my son Caleb a chapter to read each week and he is supposed to read it several times during the week. (crazy to assign your own kid reading, I know!) So a couple of weeks back I text Caleb and said, ‘did you do your reading in Mark 4?’ He says back, ‘yeah, a guy goes out throws seed around. Some lands on the path, some on rocks, some on good soil and some in the weeds – I read it.’

Later that night I followed up and asked, “So in the story about the farmer, what is the seed?” He said, “People?” Then I explained that the seed is God’s word. Each of the places where the seed landed represents people. I told him, “The ‘path’ is where the person’s head or heart is just so hardened that God’s word can’t get in and so it eventually just goes away. The weeds are like people who accept God’s word, but life is so busy and they have so much going, that it just chokes out God’s word completely. The rocky soil is the people that take the word in right away, but the roots never get too deep and when tough times come, the word just dies out. The good soil is the people who hear God’s word, accept it and it makes a difference in their lives.”

Then Caleb says, “I got it.” Then I asked, “So what type of soil are you?” And he looked up in his mind and pondered like a wise man for a few seconds and then said, “I’m mostly good…but with a few rocks.”

That’s’ my boy! I love his answer because it’s honest and because it’s where most of us who love God and want to please him, live. We have a desire for the Word and we allow it to affect our lives, but we realize that sometimes we are spiritually shallow. We know that we could do better at loving and serving. We understand that our sin harms the relationship we have with our Father and we regret when our love for him falls short.

But every now and then… in the sidewalk of our tiny souls, where a narrow little crack opens due to forces at work that we never see, a shoot grows up through that crack and finds life, because down deep, our soil is mostly good.

telemicus out

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