A Good Year

A Good Year is a movie about a rich stock trader, Max Skinner, who has learned to love nothing and no one but money. In his childhood, he spent summers with his Uncle Henry in

France. In the course of his busy, materialistic life, he stopped making contact with Henry. After ten years of unintended separation, he receives word that his Uncle Henry has died.  As the only living relative, Max is to inherit his Uncle’s estate. The estate is a home and vineyard in Province. He goes there to sign papers related to the settling of the estate with the intentions of selling the property.   As he spends time at Henry’s home, he relives moments when they were together. He tells someone later that all his memories of childhood happen with 100 feet of that house. They ask him, “Are they good memories?” He says, “They’re grand.” His love for Henry is re-borne and his love for life is awakened.  Circumstances change and his one-day trip to

France turns into a week. A beautiful girl, Fanny Chenal, arrests Max’s attention, but she thinks nothing of him. He works very hard to win her attention having greatly offended her without even knowing it. She resists but eventually agrees to a date. When they talk of his intentions for the vineyard he tells her, “This place just doesn’t fit my life.” She gently says, “No Max, it is your life that does not fit this place.” This movie grabbed my heart more than any I’ve seen in a long time. I guess it’s partly the nostalgia, partly the romance and in some part, it is seeing lives change when courage meets opportunity. To face the truth about ourselves and bravely fight the enemies of joy and happiness is a great challenge.  Of course, God plays a role in this process. I know a great many Christians who trudge unhappily through life because they are afraid to face truth. Rob Bell says, “God owns all truth.” This is true even of the most awful things in your life. Truth is always positive – even if it’s bad, even if it hurts. 

If happiness is a place then is it that happiness doesn’t fit your life or is it that your life does not fit happiness. It’s a month until the new year. Courageously face difficult truths of your life. Ask and answer hard questions that can set your happiness free and make 2007 – A Good Year. telemicus out

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