I Shouldn’t Ask… Should I?

I started to pray last night. It jumped right out of my heart, this request of the Father. Before it could bounce off the ceiling, I snagged it out of the air and said to myself, “You cant ask for that.” You see, I’ve prayed for certain things for many years, and for many years God has been silent on these matters. But I guess the prayer leapt out of my heart before my brain had a chance to slam the lid on it.

Sometimes we don’t want to ask because of how often He says, ‘No.’ Other times we don’t ask because we don’t feel that we have a right to ask anything based on what we know is happening in our own hearts and lives. I’d love to tell you it doesn’t matter and that God wants to hear our requests even when our faith is weak and our love has failed. It’d be great if our doubts and struggles didn’t have an affect on how God views our prayers, and maybe that’s the case. But it doesn’t feel that way to me.

I have great convictions about your soul and your faith and your relationship with God. My counsel to you would be . . . Ask! Let your heart lead your prayers. As long as it weighs on your heart, release it to God and trust that He can handle not only the requests, but the condition of the person making the request.

However, when it comes to mine, well, I know me too well. I know how many times I’ve begged Him and how many times He’s said ‘No’. I know the condition of my own little soul and the shallowness of my frail character. I know the weakness of my flesh and the corruptness of my heart (on my less than quality days.) So, what to do? My heart loves God—serves Him and it wants to ask for His blessing in many things. But it rarely feels worthy of even asking Him for daily bread.

There’s an old hymn, (I really wish one of you musical types would update this) it’s called, Father Hear the Prayer We Offer. It’s beautiful poetry but the last stanza gives some direction that is wise and poignant.

Let our path be bright or dreary,
Storm or sunshine be our share;
May our souls in hope unweary
Make Thy work our ceaseless prayer.

telemicus out

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