Call It Like It Is

Why must we protect people from the truth? We are taught that truth can be hurtful and I suppose that is so. But you know what; sometimes those jeans do make them look fat. My son played flag football for several years but they didn’t keep score cause they didn’t want someone to lose. Everyday, people lose. It’s part of life. Our kids need to learn to be gracious in victory and defeat. Sometimes the food tastes bad—don’t eat it. Sometimes behavior is not simply

I’m not calling for people to be rude. We need to stop being so courteous that we protect peoples little feelings from the truth that should be faced. If you want the truth to be different, change it! Yes, you can change certain elements of truth. It might be true that you’re out of gas… so stop at Wal-Mart and buy some gas. You just changed your truth on that subject. If your out of shape, start working out. Get it back and change your truth on that issue. If you’re a jerk, get some help to be a better person and change that truth about you.

Franklin Graham is a good and honorable man. He serves in ministry and blesses people all over the world. After being invited by the Pentagon to speak on the National Day of Prayer, someone protested remarks he made about Islam and that invitation was pulled. His remarks were not complimentary, but they were true. He spoke about the abusive treatment of women that this religion practices. It is true. He spoke about the violence it propagates. It is true. He spoke about their need for Christ. It is true.

But in the name of political correctness (or cowardice) the Pentagon bows to the whiners and refuses the ministry of this good man. It’s an outrage. This was the problem when the Muslim soldier, Hasan shot up Fort Hood last year. They knew what he was, but for the sake of not upsetting the Muslims, they refused to deal with it. Thirteen people are dead as a result of their cowardice.

What needs to happen is that people who are Muslim need to stand up and speak out about what is wrong in the practice of this religion. But their leaders don’t do this. They don’t lead the way, they hide. Why, because if you go against these so-called leaders, they might come after you. Right now most of the Christian world is standing against a group of people from the Westboro Baptist Church. Their actions are despicable. And all of Christendom stands against them. When will the Muslims start changing their tone. When will they change their ways.

It’s time that we started calling it like it is. Franklin Graham is right. The Pentagon is wrong.

telemicus out

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