Goodbye – Hello

I bought this car from my little brother. He drove it for a while then it experienced some catastrophic mechanical failures and ‘sat up’ in my parents back yard for several months. A time came when I needed a car, so I made a deal with Scott to get it fixed and buy it from him. That was in about 1998. I drove it until about two weeks ago when it suffered another major break down. I decided it was time for me to get another car. So with that, I face the sad task of ‘doing something’ with the Laser.

It has seen a lot of good times. Scott had adventures that the world may never know about (and that is probably good.) Back in his day, the car was a sort of sea mist green or aqua color. In my day, when a fellow at a construction site lost control of his concrete saw, it rolled off his truck and into the side of the Laser. As a result, I changed the color to black. It was a great choice. The car has a beast of a motor for a 4 cylinder, it has a turbo and it will move! Its fun to drive. In its day, it was decked out–power everything and power to move as well.

Now its come to the end of the road with me. I put it on Craig’s List and the calls started right away. I’m sure someone is going to want to take it and bring the boy back to life one more time. It has about 224,000 miles. I have enjoyed it a lot. But I now have a new car (well, it’s new to me.) It’s a 2008 HHR Panel. I’ve always wanted a panel van and this is the perfect choice. My heart skips a beat when I walk out into the garage and see it sitting there. As you can see, it’s beautiful.

I’m very grateful for the Laser and all the good it brought into my life. I had a lot of fun with it and certainly got my moneys worth from it. I was very content with it even though its old and some things are not working like they used to… I can relate to that. I’m also grateful to have the Panel. It’s a thrill to see and drive it. I plan to keep it a long time. I don’t trade cars often. My philosophy is that if you pay 10K for a car, finance it for 5 years and then trade again, you paid 10K for that car. But if you paid 10K for a car and pay it off and drive another five years, well you drove that car for half price. So like the old Laser… the HHR Panel and me got a lot of miles to go.

One seeming negative to this story though—I filled up the Laser right before it broke down. Losing a full tank of gas was a big disappointment. When I picked up the Panel, I got in, looked at the gas gauge and found the gauge pointing proudly to full… I’m living in the bonus folks . . . grateful to be living in the bonus.

telemicus out

3 Responses to Goodbye – Hello

  1. hope says:

    Is it dumb that this made me cry? lol

  2. scott says:

    man, i loved that car. i actually would love to have it again but i think my wife would kill me. no, check that, she would indeed kill me. this is one of those cars that almost shouldnt be allowed to leave the family. but, so it shall. boy its a good thing that car cant talk! that’s a special car. he continues to find ways to come back to life and create joy in others lives. may we all live by the code of “The Laser”.

  3. cindy smith says:

    Loved it!!! Didn’t even know you got a new ride. I saw you post that you got an HHR, but I honestly didn’t know what it was and really thought it was some sort of gadget. dumb girl. ha! Happy for you. the laser is a bit like my old green vega. many lives it lived, many happy miles I drove and it-was-FUN to drive… Many a cruise down the Baltimore strip!! I love how we keep things in the family like we do. It is part of our charm, I think. we should work to continue that.
    And as far as I’m concerned… no Hope, its not dumb at all. :-)

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