All the More

Every so often one of my girls will come to me and say something like, “Dad, you’re so wonderful and since you love me sooooo much…..” You know how that works. They don’t come expressing their need, (or want) they come appealing to my love for them. As long as you know you’re being played I guess that’s ok. They know that love carries more weight than the need, (or want). 

Bartimaeus, the blind man, was at that place in his life. Well perhaps he wasn’t… but he was at the place of need coupled with opportunity. As he sat by the road, begging – the Lord passed that way. The text says, “When he heard that it was Jesus of

Nazareth, he began to shout, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’” (Mark 10:47) I presume that he kept it up too, because when they told him to be quiet, he shouted all the more.Bart recognized his need but more than that, he recognized that this Jesus could help him see again. Did you notice that he didn’t ask for healing? Initially he didn’t ask for his sight back. He was asking for mercy. What is the message of mercy? He wasn’t calling for an exercise of God’s power in his life. He was calling for the love of Christ in his life.  Perhaps we should call on the love of Christ more and declare our needs less. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t express our needs. The Bible teaches plainly that we should. But don’t simply declare your need; call on the love that Christ has for you. It is far better to experience his loving response to your heart more than your need.   And when you have called for His mercy long and hard; when you have begged him to answer according his love and kindness; when others are weary of your cries for mercy. . .  go to school on Bartimaeus and shout, “Jesus have mercy on me.” all the more!! telemicus out

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