Ghost Rider

Last week I took Caleb to see Ghost Rider. This is a new movie staring Nicholas Cage. The short version is that the Devil tricks Johnny Blaze, (Cage) into trading his soul for his father’s health. (Side Bar – You can never trust the devil in any deal. He is a liar and he can be no other.) Without giving away the plot, when Johnny has the opportunity to undo the deal he turns it down.  He tells the devil “I’m going to keep this curse and use it as weapon against you.” I learned some years back that very often the only way to fight a sin that we love is to go to war against it in everyway that we can. The only weapon close to the strength of love is a holy hatred of evil.  

I used to ask teens if they could name evil . . . I used to ask them if there was any evil thing that they hated with holiness. I know some folks are squeamish about using the word hate, but it’s not a profane word. There are things we need to hate. Certainly, we should hate the things that God hates. The Telemicus Files are primarily for commenting on noble people who do noble things. With our Lord as the model of genuine nobility, his life calls us to be more than average, deeper than shallow, stronger than weakness and holier than sin. When those who should have a holy hatred for evil, who should stand against it, instead embrace what is evil, we have the breakdown of righteousness and order. 

Ministers caught with prostitutes, Prosecutors involved in crimes, mothers who gave life take it instead, teens just beginning their lives resort to ending them – these break our hearts and wound us as a people. I think we need to stand up against what is evil. Paul said, “…Hate what is evil; cling to what is good (Romans 12:9).   The Ghost Rider shows us something of nobility. I think we should use the curse of sin against our enemy.  telemicus out

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