No Prevent Defense

The left wing political powers of this country have been pushing, shoving, cramming, jamming, forcing and pounding government run healthcare down our throats since early spring. When the people asked them to tap the breaks and be wise, they were met with annoyed resistance. Americans do not take well to be shushed by the politicians they vote into office… so on April 15th they took to the streets in the form of “Tea Parties” and protested the belligerent actions of their over-reaching government.

The Left considered the ‘Tea Parties’ a cute and meaningless tantrum of the right wing conservatives and dismissed them as little more than a nuisance. But the more they were ignored by the Left, the more outraged the Right became and the strength of their resolve grew. The citizens of the tea parties became the citizens of the Town Hall Meetings in August. Once again, the left dismissed them and pressed on with their agenda. The plan was for the biggest take over of American business sector in history to take place in August without resistance. But the people prevailed.

Since taking office in January, the government has taken over the automobile industry, banks, student loan programs, more of the mortgage industry and it’s fighting with every moment of everyday to get its long cold claws on America’s health care. The people have done well in resisting the government’s takeover, and exposing the corruption they find in the current administration (i.e. Van Jones, the Czars and ACORN.)

However, the Left can no longer ignore the people, so they have shifted from just being on the offensive – they’ve gone to a no huddle tactic. The leader of the left is on television as much as possible. He’s made two nationally televised speeches, appeared on almost all T.V. news shows, he even tried talking to the school kids. There has never been a bigger push by an administration to push a piece of legislation through that people wanted less.

So while the Left is in ‘No-huddle Offense’ the Right seems to have decided to play ‘Prevent Defense’ – this is a mistake. Someone rightly said, “The only thing that the prevent defense is good for is preventing victory.” This is the time to Blitz! This is the time to put in fresh players with new energy and greater resolve to crush this thing for the last time – (until the next time.) If we simply function in prevent mode… we will lose.

The terror attacks broken up in Dallas, Springfield, Denver, New York and Philadelphia are a reminder that the role of government is to protect the nation from our enemies. It is NOT to provide our healthcare, housing, automobiles or cupcakes! The Left is so confident, so arrogant, and so audacious that they told us the play they are running and they are daring us to stop it. One of their leaders said, “Healthcare will be passed before the members go home for Thanksgiving.”

Will we take the fight to them, or will we play the prevent defense? Call everyone you know who loves this country and tell them to get in the game. Write Congressmen and Senators. Get informed and educate yourself on the issues. Don’t prevent victory by being passive. That whistle you just heard stopped the clock. This is the Two Minute Warning. No prevent defense… Victory!

telemicus out

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