You Have to Stop Caring

At my weekly meeting for coffee with my dad, we were talking about freedom and bondage related to people in churches and families. In the course of our conversation I said, “I’ve learned one thing; You have to get to the place where you don’t care if they listen or not. Because if you care, it will always beat you down that they don’t listen.” There is real freedom in having wisdom and truth, or even love – and not feel that you have to force or persuade others to accept it.

Jesus said, “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces”  (Matthew 7:6).  We often hear people throw out the “pearls before swine” portion of this passage, but they don’t talk much about the “tearing you to pieces” part. This is the important part. This is the part that will protect your heart and soul from the merciless attack of people who are not worthy of truth, wisdom or love.

Dogs do not recognize what is sacred and pigs don’t value anything that has true worth. Jesus wasn’t talking about dogs and pigs. He was speaking of people who are too carnal to grasp the Holy and are too self indulgent to cherish things of great worth. And if you are so foolish as to offer a portion of holy wisdom or truth of tremendous value, those who have rejected the God given ability to see the worth of those things, may hate you and may make it their objective to hurt you.

This applies to sharing spiritual truth, giving wise counsel, teaching Holy principles and even offering love. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about the people. We can’t do that and still be godly. But we do need to stop caring that they don’t want to accept what is good, holy or wise. If they are open, then share. If you know they are not able to receive, don’t share, because they will toss aside your counsel and may attack you as well. To have the ones that you care most about tear you to pieces is the greatest pain you will ever know.

In the song, God Says Nothing Back, by the Wallflowers, Jacob Dylan says this, “To be in your heart I failed my own; God says nothing back but I told you so.” If we invest ourselves into people who we know do not value the sacred, do not cherish things of great worth and even disdain the love we have for them – and in the end they tear us to pieces . . . well, he did tell us that might happen. Be wise.

telemicus out

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