You Made It Right

Yesterday after work, I strapped on my running shoes, powered up my I-pod Shuffle, and went for a nice slow jog. I recently allowed I-tunes to fill the Shuffle with random music. So I have no idea what song will play next. The Shuffle holds over 16 hours of music (pure greatness!!)   

As I was slowly making my way down the sidewalk, I could feel that it was an exceptional day. The weather was perfect, the pace was good, and the legs were feeling light. Then a song came on that I’ve not heard since  High School. They used to play the 8-Track in the locker room before our football practices . The song is by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. They are sort of a southern-rock group that had a few hits in the 70’s.   

It wasn’t just nostalgia, but the message of the song and the reflections in my brain joined in a tag team assault on my heart. I was near tears – they were good tears though. It’s a song that proclaims the goodness of peace, contentment, life and God. I need more of all those things in my life. If it were legal to share it with you, I would. But go to I-tunes and get it if you like.   

The end of the song has these lines…   

I’ve been standin’ on a hillside in the night

And I’ve been singin’ ‘bout the good things and the light 

There’s a new star on the horizon and it nearly fills the sky

Thank you Lord – you made it right

You made it right.  

Can I encourage you to, as my friend Jim says, “Think noble things of God.” Would you look over your life and give thanks for the “good things and the light?” I know life is hard and we struggle with many difficult things, but now and then, I just really enjoy it when folks don’t hold the nature of the world against the Maker.  Yes man has fouled a lot of things up, but “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31).

 He made it right!   

 telemicus out

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