Taking It Back

Many years ago, a co-worker who I had been trying to teach and share the gospel with, called me late in the evening and asked if I would “help” him do something. Although he sounded vague on the phone, I went over to his house to “help”. When I arrived, he took me into his house and opened a closet door and inside, stacked from the floor to the ceiling were magazines. It was the vilest assortment of pornography I’ve ever seen. He wanted my help in getting rid of it. The entire “collection” filled the back of his pickup. 

I was reading Stephen King’s book, On Writing this week and I found it interesting that in the book The Green Mile, he gave the hero the initials J.C. (John Coffey.) He described him as a good and powerful man, falsely accused and convicted of crimes he didn’t commit. Sound familiar? Yes. He gave him the initials of J.C. after Jesus Christ. (Prejudice once again struck down.) 

John Coffey had the miraculous gift of taking the pain, illness, wounds and even evil from a person and restoring them to wholeness. Sound familiar? Coffey, convicted to die, used an expression for his miraculous gift; he would say, “I tried to take it back.” He didn’t use the expression the way we use it today, “I take back what I said.” It was more the idea of taking back something in others that didn’t belong.  

Coming to Christ involves a surrender of our self-rule and self-will, but it also requires giving up those things in is and our lives that are unholy. My dad is banging the drum pretty hard these days for the message of the new birth. We are not born again to bondage of the corruption of this world. The purity of Christ’s soul and life allows him to “take back” those things from us that don’t belong.  

He takes back our sin, our weakness, our failings and our self-reliance. He doesn’t take these things to himself, but takes them back from us in order to dispose of them. I suppose in the same way that I took back the magazines from my coworker. They were not mine, I didn’t give them to him, but I helped remove what clearly didn’t belong there. When Jesus died, he took back our sins, and when he arose, he took back sins power over us. Oh yeah, and he took back a couple of other things… He said, “I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades” (Revelation ).  

Happy Easter!  

telemicus out

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