I thought there was something about her the day she was born. (All parents say that I think, but I mean something more!) We gave her the name Aubrey Hope Misheal. Aubrey was from a song, Hope is from the biblical idea of expecting good things and Misheal (pronounced Michelle) after me. Here are a few lines from the song she is named after, Aubrey. 

And Aubrey was her name

A not so very ordinary girl or name…

And Id go million times around the world just to say

She had been mine for a day.

When she was a little girl, she wore a white lacey dress, it seemed like all the time – she wore it until the lace was ragged and the buttons would no longer reach the holes. It is to this day, the “white swing around” dress. Early in her life, we thought she might be a vet because she loved animals so much. In the 5th grade (I think) she tried her foot at soccer, (apparently they have some rule about hands). . . did drill team in the 9th grade. She’s been working and earning her own money for several years now. 

The teen years brought the real Hope to light. She developed a personality that is completely her own. She had that “duct tape” phase. She likes what she likes in terms of décor, music, clothes, friends etc. and if anyone feels otherwise – they can deal with it because she knows who she is. I could write about Hope for weeks and never tell all the good things about her. 

I’m proud of her for many things. I love her morality. Her over the top laughter, silliness, burping, and commitment to the black T-shirt industry is remarkable. It’s very “Jesus” that she cares for the underdog, but she is not in your face with religion. I’m impressed with her loyalty to her friends. She will work hard for what she wants. She will do what she promises. She will say she’s sorry if she screws up. She is honest with how she feels. 

Today Aubrey Hope is turning 18. She will graduate High School in a few weeks. I’ve known a lot of teenagers and the best ones are those who love God and know who they are as individuals. Many years ago, someone (RS) called her Hopalicious and that name stuck. Our Hopalicious is a great kid that we love with all the craziness she deserves.  

And Aubrey Hope is her name – a  not so very ordinary girl or name. 

telemicus out

3 Responses to Hopalicious

  1. Neve says:

    Cool post. Milestones are biggies; my 18 yr. old is flying the nest soon to do a mission stint in Scotland and then hike around UK. I can soooooo relate to the childhood stages and memories…and most of all about having a kid who loves God and knows who he is as an individual. Adults who have not been parents —or even surrogate parents—- don’t have much of a clue, in my opinion, of what we know and feel as we send our kids out into the world. Ahh life. Thank God for His mercy.

  2. Penny Rose says:

    that was beautiful. I havent gotten to be around her as she grew up and i feel now that i know her.

  3. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Hopalicious. Thanks for informative article

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