Hope and Heath

My youngest daughter is getting married in two days. On one hand, it’s no big deal. She is always been a solid kid and I’m not worried at all. On the other hand, it’s a scary world and no one is ready at 20 years old for what it is going to do to them. The truth is, we can’t protect our kids from the world or life. We can only give them a solid foundation. Hope has that.

Last night Hope came in after work, I was in my office working. In our little talk, she told me everything I needed to know. She related all that had gone wrong leading up to the wedding over the past several months. The she said, “But stuff happens and you gotta go on with life—it’ll work out.”

That’s my girl!

Heath is a good man. He loves Hope and wants to make a good life with her. He has dreams and plans for his life; knows what he would like to do and is making plans to get there. We love him and look forward to his being a part of our family. We are a strange heard, but we support each other and have fun together. That’s what counts.

Hope is unique. She loves to laugh and have fun. She cracks us up all the time. We are proud of her “can do” spirit. We are proud of her commitment to remain pure for this day. Since she was little, she has decided what she wanted and then gone to get it. She is strong and has learned to be sensitive. We don’t agree on everything. Brittany said the other day, “It’s like you two look at each other and one is speaking Chinese and the other Korean.” That’s accurate, for some reason we don’t communicate well, and it frustrates both of us. Nevertheless, we love each other just the same.

One thing I know. Heath is a lucky man, because Hope makes life better for the people around her. Things work. She will enjoy much laughter and success. If the axiom is true that behind every successful man there is a good woman, then Heath has a bright future. He is marrying a great girl.

A few weeks ago, I was standing in my office and hearing someone talking outside I opened the blinds. I saw Hope and Heath standing by his car talking. It was fun to watch. They were laughing and I could see in both of their faces that this simple conversation was pure joy for both of them. Hope’s soul lights up when she is talking to Heath. I hope it always will.

telemicus out

ps. The wedding is at 1:00 P.M. Saturday March 7 at Mesquite Valley Christian Church, 1401 Clay Mathis, Mesquite, Texas 75181. Everyone is welcome.

7 Responses to Hope and Heath

  1. Sherry Cook says:

    Hope should feel so very special to have a dad like you. This is so great that you would tell her how you feel before her wedding. I’ve never met Heath, but Hope is a great girl and they make a great couple. I wish them the best……

  2. mark says:

    Wow! Blessings and congrats to the young couple. Is she the first to marry of your kids?

  3. Bill Meeks says:

    Mike you are an awesome father and a great friend..congratulations! I pray that God’s blessings will follow them throughout their journey together!

  4. Mich says:

    Congrats!!! I wish them all the love, compassion, passion, and joy that a marriage can and should bring when two people combine as one. What a great addition to an already great family!

  5. cindy smith says:

    What a sweet homage to a sweet couple. I have always loved Hopey’s spirit. My fav picture of her that remains on my fridge today, is her (at aunt cindy’s house) eating a popsicle in her white twirly dress, grinning from ear to ear. That sums up her to me… still! We could all learn to enjoy life more with lessons from Hopey. Thanks!

  6. Darla says:

    Hey Mike
    Congrats! It’s a lot of mixed feelings when you marry off a daughter. Happiness, excitment, a twinge of sadness that life is taken from your hands to a new son-in-law. He is now responsible for her well being. What makes a great deal of difference is when you know they are the mate that God chose for them. We just married off our oldest, Nicole to Eli last September. They met at Church and are so very happy and suited for each other. We wish Hope & Heath the very best of God’s blessings. And for you and Rhonda to enjoy the day and be happy and remember back on your wedding day. Hope looks alot like Cindy and Sherry all rolled up in one beautiful girl!
    Love Darla

  7. Rick says:

    Hey, My friend doesn’t seem possible as you know Hope and my Nicole are about the same age, I can’t imagine her being married, sorry this is so late in getting posted. We moved into the new house this last week and I’m way behind in checking e-mail, facebook, ect. Tell Hope and Heath best from all the Louders and that our prayers are with them for many happy years. Rick & Joleen

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