A Few Things I Just Don’t Get

He threw his hands in the air and said in a voice loud enough to hear all over the store, “I just don’t get it!” I don’t know what had so baffled him that he became that incredulous in Target, but he was clearly puzzled and exasperated. It got me thinking about how many times I’ve felt the way he sounded. So I thought I’d give you a few of mine and I was kind of hoping you might like to share some of yours. Just for fun and reflection.

I don’t get people – blessed immensely – who then complain about lack. Instead of counting everything that is above need as a blessing, they account every desire unfulfilled as a robbery of life against them.

I don’t get people who call you friend, but fail to write, or call. They often receive your greetings and visits with joy and exuberance, but caring enough to reach out is beyond their dashboards. I suppose they are like consumer Christians, willing to take all the blessing of relationship without making investments in it.

I don’t get people who are so self centered that they don’t know they are selfish. They actually see themselves as unselfish. They reckon any act of kindness as their true character and they are blind to the selfishness that everyone sees.

I don’t get why the American people choose leaders who have a history sprinkled, if not baptized, in dishonesty. I really don’t get them choosing outright liars. I’m not talking about small errors in judgment, I’m talking about the criminal type of dishonesty that makes rich guys more rich at the people’s expense.

I don’t get lovers who don’t. I don’t get cheaters who do. I don’t get people who hurt kids and why we as a society don’t eliminate them. I don’t get the millionaire athlete who thinks we owe him because of his athletic ability. I don’t get celebrity worship. I don’t get record profits in the oil business; why do we keep letting them do it. I don’t get the medical insurance business – it’s a convoluted mess.

I don’t get the spiritually lazy. I don’t get those who choose ignorance over knowledge. I don’t get the cowardly who won’t speak up when a wrong is committed. I don’t get the politically expedient who will throw people under the bus if it benefits them. I don’t get how anyone likes The Who or Janis Joplin. I don’t get how people eat slimy spinach. I don’t get smart men who can figure out nuclear physics, but can’t figure out that a print tie doesn’t go with a striped shirt.

telemicus out

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  1. Eric says:

    Great Post! The sad part is that I am guilty of many of these things — if not specifically, then at least in an equal way.

    Random thoughts in response:

    I’m with you on the friend thing and it often bothers me. Although I suspect that, for many people, it’s a come-and-go thing — or, perhaps, selective. Seriously, if everybody kept in touch with everybody they were interested in all the time, when would we have time to do anything? I try to remember that, sometimes, the plans of others simply don’t involve me. It’s not a pleasant thought, but I think it helps cushion the blow — both for when I’m disappointed in someone and when I disappoint.

    If one can be so self-centered that that they don’t know they are selfish, how can you or I ever be sure where we stand? Could it be that YOU are one of THEM and just not know it??? At some point, we’d have to compare ourselves to someone else and we can *always* find someone who’s bad enough that we feel justified. Do any of us really have any grasp how selfish we are? I think most of your questions would indicate that we do not.

    Don’t get me started on Medical Insurance. (Not that I’d have any idea where to start.)

    “The cowardly who won’t speak up when a wrong is committed”? Sometimes it’s not a matter of cowardice: Sometimes the wrong is sincerely seen as “good”, or perhaps a “necessary evil” or a “that’s just the way it is”. Bias can play a huge role in soothing the conscience. And, of course, who can distinguish their own bias from “reality”?

    How much knowledge is enough? Is there a limit? At what point is it okay to say, “Well now I’m just puffing up”?

    I eat slimy spinach all the time, and I have no idea what the appeal is. It is, as you say, slimy; it smells weird; and it has a bitter taste. But it’s one of my staples. In a way, it reminds me of a poem I once read:
    Tobacco is a dirty weed. I like it.
    It satisfies no normal need. I like it.
    It makes you thin, it makes you lean,
    It takes the hair right off your bean
    It’s the worst darn stuff I’ve ever seen.
    I like it.

  2. Rick says:

    I don’t get why God sent his only son to die for me, but I’m glad he did. I also don’t get how people can let you explain all of Gods’ plan for them and then just turn their backs to him. Yes same as you there are a lot of things I don’t get and spinach is one of them. Keep up the good work.

  3. Terri says:

    I agree with you. I dont get PEOPLE most of the time. And there in lies the problem. We are human. We are selfish and self centered. We have over-blown ego’s. We want, take, & expect, but we don’t give, provide or extend. :Let me explain. And by no means am I taking up for anyone’s behavior.
    I don’t get hipocrites. Those who regularly go to church, profess to be Christians, who claim to be saved by God’s grace, but don’t extend that same grace to others. Who judge people upon there appearance and look down on others, but just because they look pretty on the outside, there’s a lot of ugliness on the inside that we can’t see at first. They want to be respected and loved, but they don’t love others because the ugliness doesn’t leave any room for a heart.

    I don’t get abuser’s. Emotional, physical, mental. I get so angry when I overhear a husband yelling or cussing at his wife in the grocery store. Or a parent berating a child in public. These are both demeaning and do not do any good. Except for making the abuser feel good. I DON’T GET THAT! How can they feel good, making someone else feel bad? It takes all the self-control that I have not to say something to them. And i have, with caution.

    I don’t get athiests. How do people survive and manage on a day to day basis without God??? Our Father, our Comforter, our Provider, our Grace for eternal life. The Life where all of these people probably won’t be. Because they DON’T GET IT!!!

    I like dogs.

  4. Tim P says:

    I don’t get how many of the people who are against the death penalty are all for abortion. Excuse me? How does that make ANY sense. Spare the guilty, kill the innocent. Right.

    I don’t get why Democrats create an economic environment that is hostile to businesses and then whine when US companies leave the US to go to countries with policies that encourage economic growth. THEN, when they see that companies are leaving, they try to punish the companies into staying and create EVEN MORE hostile policies and can’t figure out why that doesn’t fix the problem. Amazing.

    I don’t get why people demonize oil companies that risk millions of dollars to drill wells that may or may not produce a $1 of revenue, go to the ends of the earth to find, and transport a volatile, explosive liquid to my neighborhood, so that all I have to do is slide a piece of plastic in a slot and then fill my tank with a liquid that gives me the freedom to travel anywhere my car can take me. All of this at a price less than a gallon of milk, where someone just has to walk over to the barn and milk a cow. Should I also mention it’s less than what many of us pay for a gallon of water?? Hello?? If oil companies make lots of money, that’s a good thing because it encourages others to do it, which creates additional competition and keeps our prices down, especially when you compare it to what they pay in Europe!!! Why is making money a bad thing if you’re doing it honestly and providing a service that people are more than happy to pay for? Why do we never hear sympathy and sob stories in the media when oil companies go out of business (they do) or when they go through economic hard times (which, they do)? Is it the politics of envy that we have to demonize the successful? I don’t know. Okay, sorry, didn’t mean to rant, but, I DON”T GET IT. Okay, I’ll step down off the box now, but I feel better.

    Thanks Michael!

  5. Terri says:

    One more…WHY, WHY, WHY, is a company paying it’s CEO $500K when it’s being bailed out by the government because it’s failing???
    HELLO?????? All the regular employee’s have this little thing called a Performance Review. If you weren’t productive, no bonus, no raise, maybe even no longer employed……
    Failing business, CEO responsible, ….but still rewarded with a mega salary???? I DON’T GET IT!!!!

  6. Ron Heron says:


    May thoughts exactly!

    I believe the main cause of this countries decline is with our government. We have two persons to choose as the one that will lead this great Nation, when we have 50 pretty young ladies to choose from to be the prettest of all 50 states. I guess our government still thinks we’re not smart enough to do the same in choosing a person to run this country. It may take us four years to do it, but I believe that person could do the job for eight years and do it better.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it,

  7. Bill Meeks says:

    I totally agree with Tim P. about the oil companies…Great response and on point!

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