Christmas Trees and People

When I was a teenager, our parents let the four of us kids drive out to the Christmas tree farm east of Kirksville to pick and cut down the family tree. I think the price in 1975 was $8.00 if you cut it yourself. We loaded into the station wagon, my sister Cindy drove. We arrived at the lot with saw in hand. The hunt was on and we ran all over trying to find the perfect tree. It was almost dark and we found one that we liked. I lay on the ground and in a little while, we were dragging the prize to the Buick.

In the light of home, it became evident that the darkness of the night had also clouded our judgment about the tree. The trunk was as crooked as a reindeer antler. Like flowers at Lowes look really great when there is whole flat of them but one by itself looks a little sad, so this tree looked fine in the natural setting with all its friends. However, standing alone in the light of the Taylor living room all its flaws were on full display.

For years, the family served up memories of that tree fiasco with a generous side of laughter when decorating subsequent trees. I know the tree was flawed. It received the nickname the “Charlie Brown tree.” I’m reminded this week of the original Charlie Brown tree. When the Peanuts gang worked their magic on that pathetic little tree and it became full and beautiful, Linus said, “It’s not such a bad little tree – all it needed was a little love.”

I suppose many of us, if we were Christmas trees, would be like the one I cut down in 1975 or like the one Charlie Brown chose. We have bare spots, falling out needles, crooked trunks, misshapen bodies and perhaps we are even a little dried out. All the folks you will see this holiday season are like the trees in our homes. Some are beautiful and majestic, while others are simple. Many are refined with gold decorations and white lights while others are little more than cedar bushes with homemade ornaments and a single string of giant multicolored lights. We know the real ones and the artificial, although some of the frauds are very realistic.

Common among all of us is that we are not such bad little trees; all we need is a little love. May we all decorate the people we meet this Christmas season with a little bit of love. It’ll bring out their best.

telemicus out

4 Responses to Christmas Trees and People

  1. Bill Meeks says:

    A very simple message, but I think it is one of the best pieces that you have put together! Very well done my Brother!!!!!

  2. cindy smith says:

    ok… call me soft. But I like this one. I like the reminder of that wonderful adventure. The comparison of people to christmas trees is perfect. I especially like the artificial ones that look really real. How many people do we miss the true beauty of, because we judge by the first immediate impression. Thanks for this one. It helped me.

  3. Darla says:

    I remember a couple of Christmas’s at the Taylor house. There was always enough love to go around at least twice. There was always laughter and someone blaming someone for something all the time. Wonderful memories that I cherish. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.
    Love you all!
    Darla & Gary

  4. Theo says:

    I heard a great message by Jack Hayford about how we represent the Christmas tree and how God ornaments our lives with his many gifts.

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