Woe To You

George W. Bush

I don’t know what it is like to be the most hated man in America. It has to be heartbreaking. I know what its like to make mistakes and for those mistakes to cost people money. I know what it is to make mistakes and have people disappointed in my actions. But I don’t know what it is like to be hated. Jesus said, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you…” (Luke 6:26). This is a burden George W. Bush will never have to carry.

George W. Bush is certainly the most hated man in America. This is a tragedy. While I have my issues with certain things he has done in his two terms, while I have anger at the billions of dollars wasted because he wouldn’t say “No” to spending, while I hate the needless loss of life that all war produces, while I think he was far too passive in recent months, it is wrong to hate this good man.

I hear and read people who can scarcely hold their own brains inside their heads they are so filled with hate toward him. But think about this – since 9/11 2001 there have been over 12,222 acts of terrorism by Islamic radicals and not one has been on American soil. It’s not because they didn’t want to do them here.

I am one American who believes the cause of fighting the terrorist who want to destroy this country and our way of life is a just one. I may have used a different “strategery” in the conflicts we faced, but the terrorists have not given up. They live on an ideology of hate. Those Americans who fuel their daily lives by hating George W. Bush will be consumed by it. I heard once that Hate leads to the dark side.

I want to say, Thank you Mr. President for your efforts to fight terrorism. Thank you for your example of grace to people who said the most hateful things about you without swinging back. Thanks for keeping the country free and safe. Thank you for being noble in the face of hate. May you find the respect you deserve on the other side of January 20th.

telemicus out

2 Responses to Woe To You

  1. Buddy Mills says:

    Thanks Michael, for continuing to be the disquieted revolutionary that wants the correct balance of peace and Godly turmoil. I told someone the other day after they expressed to me how I had made them uncomfortable in some of the things I preached. I said, “I pray I left you with as much peace as Jesus himself would have imparted to you. AND I pray I left you as disquieted as our Lord always did with his disciples.

  2. Tim Pinon says:

    I’m confident that President Bush will be the next Harry Truman. Unappreciated while in office, but after the dust settles and rehtoric and emotions have a chance to cool and people look back at what he did rationally, they will realize what a good job he did in a very difficult period of our nation’s history. Like you, there were a number of things I disagreed with him on, probably the same ones you took issue with. However, I think he is far more intelligent than he was ever given credit for and regardless of what you think about his political stance, he has been kind and gracious to everyone throughout his career in public service and I could certainly learn some things from him on how to do that.

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