Do We Need a Stimulus?

Well the geniuses in Washington have decided that we need yet another Stimulus Package. The money they sent earlier this year apparently wasn’t enough. The 700 billion was for the bankers, but now they think they need to give US (the people) some money too. They hope we will use the money to buy or “invest”. Do you see that if we use the new stimulus to buy and invest, then the Wall Street banker types are getting the money again?


The tedious Barney Franks (a primary player in the mortgage fiasco) said yesterday that the time is right for deficit spending adding, “There are plenty of rich people that we can tax down the road to get this money back.” This is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard out of a politician. These people are planning and proclaiming before the election that they intend to raise taxes.


The One says only the top 5% will see a tax increase. The other 95%, we will all get a tax break. But about 40% of those who earn a paycheck don’t owe any tax at all. (Social security payments are not the same as income tax.) Now we understand that those who don’t make enough to owe any taxes will be getting a refund. Meaning – they plan to take from the producers and give to those who do not produce. This is socialism. It is not American.


We try to teach our kids to be responsible people. We want them to work hard, be smart, and pull their own weight. Sometimes they make bad decisions and they need our help to get out of tight spots. It’s altogether proper to do that. But there comes a time when we stop bailing them out. If we continue to rescue them, we soon become enablers of their foolish decision-making. A time always comes when we have to say, “No.” They call this tough love.


It’s time to show some tough love to Washington D.C. They need to learn to live on a budget. The American people are not heartless. We have always been willing to help those in need. Americans are good and compassionate people, but we are tired of rip offs and political con artists. We don’t need another stimulus package. We need responsibility, wisdom, respect and restraint. We need a leader who will find the people responsible for the mess we are in and insure that they are removed and unable to ever be in a position to do this again.


In the parable of the Talents, Jesus said, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”  Matthew 25:21 They have not been faithful in these things. We should not allow them to have charge over even more. Vote against socialism that would spread the wealth of the workers to the idle hands of takers. Be wise Americans when you vote.


telemicus out 

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  1. Tim Pinon says:

    AMEN!! Well said!
    My growing fear is that this whole mortgage collapse is a precursor to what is coming down the road if we continue to spend with no constraints. Just like the mortgage situation, it can’t go on forever, at some point the bill comes due and the house of cards comes crashing down. This mortgage debacle will pale in comparison to the coming collapse if we don’t get some common sense back in Washington.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Chester says:

    Let me preface this by saying that i think a stimulus package in this economy is fiscally irresponsible and i believe that politicians are attempting to placate society with such an inadequate measure. I see it as a ploy by the Democrats (whom control congress) to say “see…we give tax cuts too” in an effort to win more elections. The republicans now have to go along with the package, otherwise, they are going to be framed as unsympathetic to “Joe Six Pack” and willing to give wall street a break but not the common man…I get it.

    So with that said i would simply ask for clarification on one point. You say the Dem’s tax policy is socialism but from where i sit if that is socialism then we’ve been socialized way before now. why are you just now seeing it when a dem is pushing the issue? We (the “producers”) have always produced and paid our share of the taxes to have them redistributed to all sorts of govt programs including tax cuts for people on welfare, those “temporarily unemployed, etc. or simply “those who do not produce”. That’s how the system has always worked. To me that’s not socialism that’s just a difference in platforms in what method of tax redistribution creates the most effective stimulus to the economy on an ongoing bases. (Again, i don’t disagree that a stimulus “right now” is a bad idea)

    NOW, if you are talking about the bailout…now we’re getting closer to what i believe is to close to socialism for comfort. HOWEVER, and that is a big however for me. We as human beings have to understand the ramifications of not providing this bailout before determining it was the wrong decision. The personal turmoil and upheaval that would have come from doing nothing and letting “the market correct itself” would be socially devastating. And while i believe in the power of capitalism i also recognize the corruption within and until we have a system that protects from this corruption much earlier on, then we must move towards this “socialist” measure of a bailout if it saves our economy, and most importantly the livelihood of so many affected. A market crash the magnitude that would have come from not providing a bail out would have devastated so many. fathers and mothers would be unable to provide, families would fall apart from the stress, people would kill themselves from the guilt of what they lost, leaving families and children to fin for themselves. This is not a result that is worth “protecting the purity of capitalism”. It’s purity is long gone since all of the corruption that has taken over. I don’t think government should run capitalism but if it takes their short-term involvement to save and protect our public from this circumstance then i can see if necessity and sacrifice my own personal views for the greater good. I furthermore believe that a thorough review of everyone who was involved politically or professionally in pushing what has been determined as unethical practices and be held accountable. No CEO of a bail out recipient should receive more than an annual salary, thereby cutting off all stock options, dividends, bonuses, etc. until the company has made a full recovery and has paid back the tax payers in full for the portion of the bailout they received. If the CEO chooses to quit then the company should be sold to the highest bidder and all profits go back to reimbursement of the bailout. I’m not naive, i know it’s not that simple, but you get the gist of my position.

    So, in closing, the democratic tax plan is no more socialistic than any other tax plan we’ve ever had but this bailout sure is. But it was a necessary evil for the good of the nation.

  3. Rick says:

    I agree 100% it’s time we got our house in order and we have to start holding the people who got us in this mess accountable, which can be as simple as voting them out of office, or if it what they have done is outside the law they should be prosecuted for there crimes. We as Christians have been commanded to help those that are in need both physically and spiritually. We need also the heed the warnings of the founding fathers, to be ever vigil lest the government grow to large and we end up worse off than they were in England.

  4. Michael Taylor says:

    CHESTER: Taxation to support or provide necessary government services is NOT the same thing as socialism. Everyone (who is reasonable) beleives that fair taxation is proper and necessary. However, Socialism is taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive in order to achieve equity. A good (although simplistic) analogy is this. Lets say your little girl dresses up and goes out to trick or treat. She walks blocks and blocks and hauls in a ton of candy. She comes in exausted, filled and fulfilled by her effort. Then the president of the home owners association shows up at your house and says, there are some children who stayed home and didnt go out and trick or treat, so we are taking 40% of Savanahs candy and giving it to them… just to make things fair. Yeah I think the bailout was a necessary evil and there are some good and bad elements in it, but it is not socialism because it is not exclusively directed at the productive. This notion of “spreading the wealth” and “redistributive policy” is un American. It was birthed by Marx.

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