I’m Gonna Say Jesus

You’ve probably heard the story of the children’s Bible class where the teacher gazes at the bright innocent faces of eight first graders and asks, “Can anyone tell me what has long ears, a tiny pink nose, a thick fluffy tail and hops all around?” One little guy timidly raises his hand and says, “Well it sounds like a bunny rabbit, but I’m gonna say Jesus.”


I’m afraid we sometimes have the same reaction when we encounter Jesus in harsh realities of life. God is not divorced from the reality of our lives. He is never taken by surprise, at the same time, he doesn’t want us to look at life through religious glasses. Jim McGuiggan said, “Jesus didn’t come to make you religious and take away your life, He came to show you that real life is religious.”


Each of us has life biases that inform our attitudes and conduct. Some democrats see the republicans as the cause of every ill. Some republicans see democrats in the same fashion. Teens see the olds as out of touch and olds see teens as disrespectful anarchists. And sometimes Christians see everything that happens through a religious prism that misses the human connection to God.


I think we Christians sometimes “spiritualize” things that are just things. In Bible class, guys often talk about events looking through traditional scriptural understanding. The early followers of Christ did not understand the doctrine of redemption. They didn’t get the function of the church. They didn’t understand the nature of his work or his mission. Until after Pentecost, most were clueless as to the spiritual complexities of Christ. So when we assign these understandings and motives, we create a false impression of them and a standard for ourselves that may not be realistic.


The things we do and the things that happen to us never surprise Our Father. He may be displeased, but never surprised. He knows what we will do. So when we do what he knew we would, he is neither surprised or disappointed. And being the loving Father that he is, he is always at work to prepare for the moment when we see things correctly, when we are sorry for our actions, when we come to our senses and when we turn back to him.


And when we turn back to him, he does not offer guilt, shame or condemnation. He does not express rejection, does not require penance, doesn’t impose a moral quarantine and is not aloof. He doesn’t spiritualize our relationship; our relationship with him is spiritual and human. God gets the human condition.


“So what has ten fingers and ten toes, wears clothes, walks upright and loves people?”


“Well, it sounds like a person, but I’m gonna say Jesus.”


See what I mean?


telemicus out

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  1. Doug B says:

    I was thinking sort of the same thing last month. Had to let a helper go partly because he couldn’t work without opening his mouth and everything pertained to the manifestation of the “Spirit” somehow. If I wanted a missionary I would have just donated the money. I needed him to work. I’ve seen too many “Christians” put folks off with their approach. How about a little self awareness???

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