Hear Me Now – Beleive Me Later

Hanz & Franz I have seen, and you have as well, a parent stand and talk, threaten, bargain, negotiate, cry, yell and even throw things in an effort to get their own child to do what they ask. But if the child knows that the parent is only making racket and will likely never follow through on their shrill threats, they have no reason to obey. 

We are told that the United States should use diplomacy first and force only when it is necessary. I think this is right. However, if the person listening to diplomacy does not believe the person speaking has the resolve to use the necessary force required they will not respond to diplomacy because the speaker has no credibility.  

A friend of mine used to tell his kids, “If you decide to obey after I have to get up or move to get you to obey, you’ll be punished because you didn’t obey at my words.”  

The extreme Islamic fascist who are our enemies are not responsive to words. They understand one language – the overwhelming use of force. The Taliban in Afghanistan had the opportunity to avoid war, but refused. The Iraqi’s had the same option but they ignored the U.N. resolutions not once but over thirty times. All they had to do to avoid war was comply, but they refused. The Russians are much the same now as they were in the early 60’s. They posture and strut around as if we are supposed to fall back in fear at their awesomeness. We never will. 

Some think they can play us. Kim Jong Il comes to mind. That pot bellied little tyrant agreed to dismantle the nuclear reactor in his country so that he could receive aid from the United States. But we hear this week that they have started reassembling the thing in secret. Like a child sneaking into the cupboard to eat his mother’s chocolate chips, Il thinks we wont notice. He will have to suffer significant pain in order to learn the lesson.   

Today, Secretary Rice is going to visit Libya. She is the first ranking US official to visit in over 50 years. Gaddafi learned his lesson about supporting terrorism. He has been behaving himself for many years since Reagan bombed Libya in response to their terrorist activities. After the US overthrew Hussein, Gaddafi also voluntarily gave up his secret WMDs. 

Last night John McCain explained what happened his life that changed him from a self-centered man to a man who loves his country more than himself. In that speech he said, “I hate war.” It should be a last resort. However, if our enemies do not believe that we mean business, they will not respond to talk. Some are wise enough to know that we will respond. Some are too naïve to realize the strength and sophistication they are dealing with. 

And some know if the person sitting at the desk in the oval office can be jerked around. This is why our enemies are hoping that Obama will be president and not McCain. Hear me now – believe me later. 

telemicus out

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  1. Tim Pinon says:

    Love Hans and Franz!! Thanks for bringing back a fond memory!!

    As to your comments: “Preach it brother!! Amen and Amen!!”

    As you say, threats and “talk” are empty if there is no respect and no concern of potential, “unpleasant” consequences. If you back up your words, you can effectively speak softly and effect change, as long as you carry a big stick, and use it when needed.

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