For Mary (and You)

Mom and Mary This is my mom and my Aunt Mary. Mary is near the end of this life’s journey. I don’t think it has been an easy trip for Mary. She endured the absence of her husband for many years of active duty in the military. She worked to care for her son and her mother. I remember her being an angry woman when I was a boy. I had no idea of the crushing weight that the stress of adult life could place on a person. I wish that I had been more understanding of the adults I’ve known who struggled under the load of life. That note of regret brings me to what I really want to share this week. 

One of the burdens that Mary talked about in her last days is a fear that she might not make it heaven. On the contrary, she seemed convinced her itinerary included a warmer climate. She’s a believer. My dad baptized her some years ago in our home. But like many of us, she knows the reality of her own sin and struggles with far more clarity than she knows the depth of God’s forgiveness and the extent of his love. 

The Old Book affirms the security of the believer. I used to tell my students, “You are not sort of saved – you are good and saved. Your salvation is not precarious, dangerous, tentative, perhaps, maybe or iffy. It is bought by blood and guaranteed.” We need to have confidence in the One who saved us. Paul wrote, “Yet I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him for that day” (2 Timothy ).  

Brennan Manning wrote, “When we trust God it may mean more than when we say we love Him.” Our salvation is not about our performance or religious acts, keeping laws or rules, or doing more good than evil. It is fully based on the relationship we have in Jesus Christ. All that we do in life that is good, is an expression of God’s presence in us and our love for Him. We all know that we don’t have massive quantities of good in us… but we have Him in our hearts and that is the source of all that is good. 

Don’t focus on your failures or weakness. Focus on the goodness of Christ, His noble heart, His love for you and His desire to see you saved. Do what is right and good because you love Him. And in those moments when the enemy calls back to your mind all the wickedness of your broken heart – run with abandon and dive into the arms of your Father and trust that he can handle it all and loves you anyway. Relax Mary . . . He’s got you covered. 

telemicus out

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  1. Jodi Mosley says:

    Wow big brother! That’s really cool! She would love that! I hope someone reads it to her! I love the part where you say to “Run run with abandon and dive into the arms of your Father…” It reminds me of a child when he is upset because he knows he has done done wrong, but we hold them and tell them, it’s okay, but you can’t do that. While we are sad that they did wrong, we are can’t help but feel compassion towards them. If we could just GET that Christ love and compassion is even greater !This is awesome! Thanks! I needed a good cry this morning! Love ya!

  2. Doug says:

    This is your voice. You have a way of putting this truth into words that help people like me to believe and understand that God does love, forgive and accept us even when we ourselves don’t.

  3. Anne says:

    WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! Thanks for this. As you know this is really hard. She is my favorite great “ant mary” I will miss her SO much!! All of her grunts and shhhhht and sarcasim. Her memory will be with me FOREVER!!! I know she loves us all. Love you Aunt Mary

  4. Rick says:

    Thanks, It’s been a couple of tough weeks for Joleen and I still being apart during the week nothing like a little perspective, to get a better handle on things, also know our prayers are with your family. Later Rick and Jo.

  5. pat says:

    cool site mike, thats an older picture, now for laughs ,,, aunt mary has lotsssss of hair LOL. She looks almost like she did when we were kids. The only thing missing is a smoke and a cup of coffee.

    It was a very nice service mike and aunt mary would be proud of you. I’m glad everyone went to Darla’s after the service she liked get togethers. She most definitely is someone you won’t forget.

  6. cindy smith says:

    I love this… as usual you managed to put it all into a neat little package and paint some really nice colors for her memory. I know mom is honored by your sweet words for her sister and I love that you are using this incredible gift this way. well done and keep it up!

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