Light Up the Darkness

I Am Legend We saw, I Am Legend at the theater when it came out. It was alright, but I wasn’t pleased with how it ended. So when it came out on video, we gave it another try. I liked it better, but still not as much as I hoped. The Boy gave me fits about wanting to see the alternate ending, but you had to buy the movie to see it. I finally relented. On Monday, we watched the movie with the alternate ending and new scenes added. It is WAY better. (IMO) 

Many bloggers have written about the movie, many talking about the allusion of the virus to sin and its horrible impact on the world. There is definitely a spiritual vein in the story. One of the most prominent is the influence of the music of Bob Marley. I’m sure Bob Marley was a gifted man, but he was also very misguided. Many of the things he said in terms of philosophy were versions of the words of our Master. And while he believed in some version of God, he was in no way a Christian. His penchant for the herb is well known and it fogs the value of many of his words. 

Robert Neville (Will Smith) quotes Marley in one scene and says, “Light up the darkness.” Marley’s reason for this statement was the hope of uniting mankind through love and music. These are not bad things. However, it was Jesus who first spoke of lighting up the darkness when he said, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) Jesus purpose for lighting the darkness was that the praise of the Father. When man seeks to lift himself, God is set aside. As we praise God, He lifts us up. 

When John Lennon’s Imagine came out, like most people, I loved the song. A man at my church, who I really admired, tried to show me the shortcoming of Lennon’s words. It was Marley’s contention that music and love could change the hearts of men. It is the influence of God through the character of Christ and the work of the Spirit that changes people. There are many things that inspire us to change, but at the end of the day, only God can change us.  

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” He also said, “You are the light of the world.” Of course, we must let our light shine. Expose the deeds of darkness. We need to be good and noble people who make a difference in the world, but not for the praise of man, not for the glory of the world, rather for the praise of our Father. 

telemicus out

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  1. Doug B says:

    I love the blog. I did not like the movie. If Will does another zombie movie I’m writin’ a letter. Never did like scary movies. This one tore up my sleep for one whole night. Didn’t do any research, didn’t know it was a zombie flick just knew it was Will and that’s all it took. Bob Marley, John Lennon – never did get either one, different time different “fog” I guess haha. What happened in the alternate ending? email separate if u need 2. A LOT changed this month, call me when you have time. Your Friend, Doug……….seriously, A LOT, we should get together soon! [Michael’s reply: Doug – the thing i like about the alternate ending is that it fixes what was missing in the theater version…why did the infected male (not really a zombie) expose himself to sunlight? This is key what i theorized turned out to be right. You should see it. Sent you an e-mail too.]

  2. rob says:

    Wow. I thought I was the only one. NOONE told me this was a zombie movie. I think zombies are creepy when they stumble and moan. Running shouting thinking zombies… obiously less cool.

    I think the least plausible part of the story line however is someone who has never heard of Bob Marley. I mean really. My first thought was, “does she know we landed on the moon?” I mean it was all a fake in a sound studio, but that sound studio was ON the moon.

    Nevertheless I have heard a lot of praise for musical lyrics lately that call for humans to realize how great we can be and for us to stand up and achieve that greatness. Few call for us to realize we have that greatness because we are made in our Father’s image. To use a cliche, we come by that greatness honestly.

  3. Garrett M. says:

    Regardless if Bob Marley was by your terms legit, the idea is what should be taken from him not by the kind of person he was. He did no intend on offending anyone or stealing someone elses ideas, why would you attack him and say jesus came up with it first? Who cares to be honest. Does Jesus live with us now, not as far as I know and since I am not Christian I had no idea that Jesus had even spoke of it. As a Christian you should be more worried about the word being spread than being angry or annoyed that someone else is getting the credit. This is why religion does not work, you are the one that is misguided my friend. The ideas are what matters not who came up with them first.

    • Gordon White says:

      Life is too short to argue about these things. Instead of arguing about who said what first why don’t we live by those words. For me that’s more important. And I loved the movie.

  4. jessica says:

    you, writer, are mis-understanding Bob Marley and his love of people and the fight for unity. He is merely speaking the word of God, not coming up with his own ideas. He preaches the word of God in nearly all of his music. He was a peaceful man with brilliant ways of sharing the love of God through music.

  5. dave says:

    Just another lost christian soul that thinks since he was taught the ways of the bible he is right. I mean really are you so arrogant to think that there is only one way to look at life as a philosophy which really all the bible is written way after the fact some of it 300 years after the fact, There are many ways to teach people how to live in harmony and to say there is only one is very narrow. I agree none of us were there and jesus is in our hearts not walking the earth, thank the powers that be that someone reached a high enough level to spread the word of one love no matter what you think of him his heart was in the right place.

  6. Stefano says:

    I happened to read this blog (I’m not really sure how I found it) and I was surprised by the comment that goes like this: ”And while he believed in some version of God, he was in no way a Christian. His penchant for the herb is well known and it fogs the value of many of his words.” Ok, we all know Bob Marley’s not a Christian. He is a Rastafari. Their vision of God, Jah, is actually quite similar to Jehova, the christian’s god. I was raised a catholic, although I am very open minded. I’m saying this because when I read ”some version of God” I started laughing, for their God (believe it or not jews, muslims, christians and rastafari believe in the same God with different names and rules) is the same as the christians. Just to correct that. I actually liked the blog, but these 2 sentences were really out of limit. When it comes to the ”herb fogs the value of his words” you can’t really say that. Herb is the rasta’s connection to god. It’s like for us catholics, when we take the communion, it’s our connection to god. It doesn’t fogs his words, it gives them more value. His is the most beautiful message of all musicians, and his faith on his religion is what allowed him to do that. I just don’t like it when people criticize withouth knowing anything about the other culture. Thanks if you read this, again I’m not here to insult or offednyou, just to inform.
    Yours truly,


    • Rob says:

      Exceptionally well put Stefano. I imagine your understanding of this world is beyond mine. To the blogger: It won’t be until we all look for ways that we are alike instead of different that we will improve everyone’s quality of life. Help your fellow man and celebrate the differences that make him unique. Don’t discriminate against him because he is different. I am a more of a universalist style Christian. While I believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior, I also believe His love leaves many paths for redemption. I also do not wish to offend you or call any of your religious beliefs misguided, but I do wish you could expand your acceptance of others to not call others wrong.

      • Michael Taylor says:

        Rob I appreciate your reasoned and sane remarks. However, tolerance is sometimes not wise. You think Jesus provided many paths for redemption, but it was He who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Sounds like that is one way. It’s called straight and narrow for a reason. I dont hate Marley, far from it. I preach for a very diverse church in every way you can imagine. But Jesus is still the only way to be saved. I accept everyone for who they are Rob, but I dont accept all that they do or believe in. I am more judgmental toward myself than anyone else. I dont expect people who see me do wrong to ignore it. The nature of Christianity is to accept our need for forgiveness and our need to forgive. Sometimes we are wrong…yes even Christians. often Christians. Thanks again for being rational. mt

  7. Michael Taylor says:

    Stefano… I get a couple of notes on this post a month. Most are vile and I wont approve them. Yours is at least kind and sane… I appreciate that. From my Christian background, we dont get to re-make God in our image. I accept that folks who love Marley and his version of God are genuine (I hope they are, but by the evidence of their vitriol they may not be.) My point is not a commentary on Marley. My point was that we who follow Christ are called to be light in a dark world. And Jesus said this long before Bob did. That doesnt make Bob a bad guy. I never bagged on him. Since you are Catholic you must understand that to compare smoking herb to Holy Communion borders on blasphemy (boy thats gonna produce some mail!) Communion is not our connection to God is the observance of Christs redemption. Calling it the same or similar does not make it so. I am not a critic of Marley… I preach Jesus Christ and the folks who read me, also seek to please him by being light in a dark world. Thanks for reading and throwing in. Please tell your friends I’m not a bad guy… just holding my small light.

  8. Michael Taylor says:

    Adrian, ……. Dude! Marley died in 1981. Jesus died circa AD 33. Perhaps you should be the one asking questions. Its not a bad thing to be inspired to use great lines. I dont blame Marley for using it, but he didnt invent it. I used this movie to share my own thoughts on Jesus remarks. It’s a good thing to be inspired by the words of others. Especially if the words are worthy.

  9. Mark says:

    Just stumbled on this and had to comment.

    “There are many things that inspire us to change, but at the end of the day, only God can change us.”

    I can’t put in to words how wrong I feel that is. I have seen people change due to inspiration from so many different things. When it comes right down to it all humans have free will and choose to be one way or another and also choose to change or stay the same. You can be born again and believe in god that doesn’t mean he is going to make you change. It’s still your choice, true believers sin and make horrible choices god doesn’t intervene, thats free will.

    If a bad man changes his life and becomes a better kinder man because of Bob Marley’s music then I’m all for it. Especially in a world with thousands of religions all claiming to be right. Even the bible is filled with misinterpretation. Look at the ORIGINAL writings and you will see that the name “Jesus” isn’t in there. Also they never refer to what you call “god” as god. Thats a title not a name. His name in the original writings is directly translated from hebrew to be YAHWEH. Look it up, do some heavy research and you will see how wrong the king james version really is.

    My point in all this is for people to not make blanket statements and generalizations about how righteous and great their “god” is and how he is the only way to salvation when the very words they teach and learn from are inaccurate! Most religions are intentionally ignorant. I mean MANY bibles even say in the intro that Jesus isn’t the proper name yet how many millions still use it like it is?

    I hope those of you who read this look up what I’ve said for yourself.

  10. Robert says:

    You are completely ridiculous, Michael Taylor. First off, just because someone smokes pot, that does not fog their words, values, or anything else unless they let it happen that way. Secondly, if you want to be technical, Jesus or God never said “light up the darkness,” verbatim. Therefore, the quote itself belongs to Bob Marley. The credit goes to Bob Marley because he said those exact words. Maybe he got the idea from the bible, maybe he didn’t. Either way, he shared an idea that Jesus, along with many others, have had. He didn’t steal a quote, he shared an idea. Christians are unbelievably judgmental

  11. Kyle says:

    The only comment that keeps running through my head on this subject, is that christianity alone, has so many sects of change and belief in it, it almost(yeah, I can hear the complaining now) counts as polytheistic. Each flavour of christian believes certain different things about Christ, and God, and Even the holy spirit, that you can see, even religion evolves. The basic truth of the scripture itself, has been altered historically that we know, at least four times since it was created.(Thats the ones that arent under contention by everyone) Not only translation, but interpretation, have changed, and reformed views of the works of christ, the apostles, even the creation.

    All in all, it is a great thing to have faith, but to block out anothers view as false, makes you a biggot. Where is your perfect proof that you are correct? Faith is only as strong as the person that believes.

    Hopefully, as many in history have done, we can respect each other, to make our lights shine together, if not as one.

  12. David Earp says:

    How do you know that it is only God that can change people? Do we not have the faculty to change ourselves. . . This sounds like unsubstantiated christianese. . .

  13. Tamara says:

    Bob Marley is amazing and inspirational. This movie was eh, not the best, but pretty good all in all. And, not only God can change people, my good sir.
    Thank you and good bye. :)

  14. Jordan says:

    I’d like to offer that perhaps Michael Taylor, when pointing out Bob Marley’s line was similar to Jesus’ old phrase, wasn’t saying that Marley stole anything, trying to make him look bad, or trying to brag about how Jesus had the idea first, he was just pointing it out. He was not trying to discredit Marley. He was not trying to attack him. He was simply making a connection.

    For a group of people who would seem so passionate about Marley and his peaceful philosophy, you seem quite angry, and too easily offended.

  15. Lisa L says:

    I think it a little silly to think one version of God is the right version. The fact that someone believes in God is GREAT! Mr. Marley was simply trying to unite the masses, which unfortunately will never happen when we wear blinders. The man believed in God and is still judged simply because he is not a Christian? Come now, God says we should not judge, right? I find it quite funny how so many people who say they are Christian judge others. Did you not judge Mr. Marley because he was not Christian and his view of God was different than yours? Perhaps, I have misunderstood, but i think it hysterical (I only laugh at such things to avoid becoming angry or upset over someone else’s opinions) how those who throw around their definition of religion are usually the biggest hypocrites. Mr. Marley wanted us to look past all of this. Look past our different views, beliefs, and races and simply be kind to each other. So simple, yet so easily misunderstood. Sir this is not directed to you this is for an example – usually those that feel they are the righteous are usually the worst kind of people. They hate and our God the Father does not hate. They hate gays, minorities, people who don’t pray exactly the way they do. They judge, just as our Lord says we should not. That one from the bible could not be clearer. I pray (in any way that anyone wants to pray) that one day unity will beat out ignorance and we will all live together in one big happy world.

    Thank you for allowing me to post to your page.

    Dear Lisa, thanks for your respectful comment. I get a lot of mail from marley fans…most are mean. They dont understand what i was trying to say. I was not bagging on marley. Im not against him. I didnt judge him, but i do observe certain realities in his life. thats not judgment. i never said he was lost or going to hell. I didnt say he was bad. The point was simply that the only change in the condition of our souls comes through Jesus Christ. Im not anti marley. but life and all that we desire in it are not ultimately found in music of a man, but in the heart of our Master. Thanks again for your respect and kindness. I do not approve the hate filled rants of those who drop f-bombs on me becuase they cannot handle my thoughts on their hero. But Im proud to post yours.

  16. j. the mc says:

    To call any comparison of two religious beliefs anything close to blasphemy is laughable at best. It is long undestood that when the catholic church sends missionaries into a non converted villiage or country the missionaries are taught to change the very practice of the same religion in order to facilitate a less tramatic transition from one religion to another so in actuality comparing herb to communion is a very relivant idea.

    • Michael Taylor says:

      J. the mc: To call smoking the herb a religious practice is at best silly and in reality stupid…respectfully. Those who give me the weekly rant because I said something a few years ago about your master Marley that you didnt like are not natives living in huts. You would justify bad behavior by equating it to some lame attempt at spirituality. If you want to light up your own darkness with weed… go for it. I never said you couldnt or shouldnt. I think its dumb and destructive, but its your brain getting toasted so knock yourself out. But dont claim its good and spiritual. Just enjoy the fog and leave God out of it. If you want the Light in your life then you will have to learn and come to surrender to Jesus Christ. He will call you to live changed lives and give you the power to do so.

  17. chris says:

    I have three major problems with the things i did read on here!! 1 They arnt damn zombies!!! Do they look like their zombies? Huh well hmmm 2 the prob is the people nd their “change their interpretation of (the good book) and other faiths when it no longer fits their life style” 3 if what was writen long ago is to be put under scrutiny then why should it be ny different to nything that is being writen nowadays????????? Just a light to the insanity of ignorance!! Ps: christianity is the form of every other religion that was recycled into it!!! Its nothing but chinese whispers gone very very VERY wrong!!! “research it, not that i’d expect ny1 to display ny (free will) who is a jesus freak or what ever the name in thousands!!!” my email is down atm but i hope to get to 3mnths of mail soon so no replies from me yet! Nd YES I HAD FAITH ONCE!!!

  18. I find your blog interesting. There is one thing though that was not mentioned in any comment. I know from research that I have done that there are two sources that say that Bob Marley did confess Jesus Christ as Lord before he died. His final words were “Jesus, take me” I like your blog and I am a believer in Christ. Take care and be blessed, Michael Young

    • Michael Taylor says:

      Thanks Michael (are the baseball player?) Anyway, yes I’ve heard that Marley did have a conversion of sorts. Also heard other wise. All that is between him and God of course. I hope that all people who love Marley and his music will embrace the love he spoke of and all the good things he said. That wouldnt hurt anything. But I pray more that they would find God. thanks for your note.

  19. I find your blog interesting. There is one thing though that was not mentioned in any comment. I know from research that I have done, that there are two sources that say that Bob Marley did confess Jesus Christ as Lord before he died. His final words according to his mother were “Jesus, take me”. I like your blog and I am a believer in Christ. Take care and be blessed, Michael Young

  20. k.o.s says:

    i’m sorry i dont mean to offend but you have completely missed majorly valid points in the movies true meaning and you speak of bob marley’s “pachanté” for herb i’m sorry if you’ve ever smoked or even know anyone who smokes you’d realise the lack of effect it has on ones mental faculties if you don’t understand something don’t be so quick to shun listen to some of bob marleys lyriqs you will know how truly wise he was anyway far from the point, his message in this movie has been distorted and to be honest it makes me a little sick, he preaches co operation, love compassion, morality and the lack of in our ever degrading society. This movie is almost mockingly anti christian, no actually anti-humanity, cause it doesnt take the learning of religion to know justice we’re born with it just speak to any child our minds our being twisted from birth from cartoons to bill boards even down to how we perseve spirituality our conditioning has been condition.

  21. Sven says:

    Michael, to say, respectfully, that smoking Ganja is at best silly and in reality stupid, In my opinion, isn’t respectfully at all. Smoking is a part of their belief and religion, it may seem silly to you but, as an atheist, taking the communion and naming it the body of Christ seems ridiculous to me too. Even so, I respect the thoughts and beliefs of Christians and do not judge them as being silly or stupid. The key is to simply not make any literal connections, as in doing so, beliefs will always end up conflicting. Me being an atheist by the way, is not based upon anything random either, before I get comments on that. I went to a catholic school, I’ve been baptized and all that other fun stuff. After consideration however I found, for myself, that belief in a God (deliberately saying ‘a’ God and not God) just wasn’t for me. Through that your statement “There are many things that inspire us to change, but at the end of the day, only God can change us.” seems a little bit judgmental to me. For since I am atheist it’s not possible to change? I’m forever a bad person for not believing? The will to change is within a person, even as a Christian you should be aware of that fact. Has the God that you believe in and follow not given you the pretense of free will? (I’ll for sure get a comment on the word pretense but since free will is the main reason why I’m atheist I’ll willingly explain.) And with that free will is it not you, yourself, that is willing to make a change in your life? If only God can change you and it’s not up to you at all, then is there any such thing as free will? I’ll gladly further this discussion if you can give me some valid response on the issue. In reality I shouldn’t say valid, as validity is only in the eye of the beholder, however, I shall take all sides into consideration and respond based upon that.

    • Michael Taylor says:

      Sven, well my friend… I dont look at comments that often, so you’ve ‘pwnd’ (as you so eloquently put it in your subsequent comment) nothing. Your arguments are subjective and pedestrian. I dont understand why your guys, the disciples of Marley are still beating me up every week over comments written years ago. Now to your point regarding choice. Fundamental theology understands that while we all have the ability to choose a path and the freedom to make those choices, it is God who calls us. There are those of us who pursue God, others he pursues. Beyond that… there are times when we that love him, feel like we need to change and become better people even though we are already close to God. He helps us to make those deep changes to our souls that we might not be able to make on our own. If this is too complex a notion perhaps you should not read material intended for adults. As for the ‘pretense’ of free will. Here’s a shocker! Sven you can beat God. He will not force you to believe. He has not made you a robot. He allowed you to reject him. Your free will is securely in tact. You may use it at your discretion – even to reject God. Finally…you can respect someone and their right to think and say what they wish and still consider it silly or stupid. Happens all the time. Respectfully… comparing pot to Holy Communion is like comparing …well there is nothing else that stupid. sorry.

  22. Sven says:

    Michael, I would like to thank you for deleting my comment without giving any response. This proves to me that every single point I made hit home and that you have no rebuttal whatsoever. When posting things like this you should also learn to accept others remarks and points. Simply deleting the comments that you cant deny only fortify everyones beliefs on this blog.

    Sincerely yours,
    The dude that pwnd ur ass.

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