Monthly Archives: January 2009

Freedom and Faith

In a preview clip from the new Daniel Craig film DEFIANCE, there is a line that has sort of hung on to me since I saw it. The movie is the true story of four brothers who defied the Nazi army during World War II. The Bielski family live in the area called Belarus. When their parents and other family… (more…)

You know – I’m gonna do that…

Look at this commercial with Peyton Manning, where he visits hotels in the towns of his opponents. At each of his encounters with fans from the “home team,” he never quite senses the malevolence in their comments. I don’t know if Peyton Manning is always that way, but I wish I were. To always see good intentions in the actions… (more…)

The Better Side of Best

Now that the holidays have passed and the New Year is underway, I think its time for some reflection, direction, correction and action. I love new years. To me, it’s the best time for new starts and my annual do-over. I’m not big on resolutions and all, but I do like goals. If you’ve been with me a while, you… (more…)