Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Community Organizer?

You gotta be kidding me. A Democratic labor leader, Cecil Roberts, said a couple of weeks ago, “I used to be a community organizer and I’m in good company; Martin Luther King was a community organizer. Listen, Sarah, Moses was a community organizer and yes, Jesus was a community organizer.” This was a slap at Sarah Palin. Jesus was NOT… (more…)

I’m Gonna Say Jesus

You’ve probably heard the story of the children’s Bible class where the teacher gazes at the bright innocent faces of eight first graders and asks, “Can anyone tell me what has long ears, a tiny pink nose, a thick fluffy tail and hops all around?” One little guy timidly raises his hand and says, “Well it sounds like a bunny… (more…)

Simple Politics

I don’t like complicated. It gives me tired head. I don’t want complicated theology. I don’t want complicated cars. I don’t want complicated menus and I don’t want complicated politics. But it seems there are those among us who enjoy taking the simple jewelry of any subject and turning them into a tangled mess of tiny chains that require tweezers,… (more…)

Hear Me Now – Beleive Me Later

I have seen, and you have as well, a parent stand and talk, threaten, bargain, negotiate, cry, yell and even throw things in an effort to get their own child to do what they ask. But if the child knows that the parent is only making racket and will likely never follow through on their shrill threats, they have no… (more…)