Monthly Archives: November 2007

Looking For Space

I woke up early this morning. When I fell asleep a few hours earlier I was listening to my Relax playlist on my Ipod. I have liked John Denver’s music since I was a teen. As I lay there this morning, the song by John Denver called Looking for Space came on. Perhaps for the first time ever, the lyrics… (more…)

The Most Powerful Force

I haven’t thrown out a hot opinion like this in a long time. I’ve come to a conclusion, and it’s a little radical, but I think I’m right on this and feel free to throw down your own HSO (hot spiritual opinion) if you like. (I’m sure the theologians will dismantle me on this, but think it through.)  Love is… (more…)

Informed Consent

I am a member of the Rockwall Christian Writers Group. One of our members is helping a fellow author promote a new book through a Blog Tour. The Telemicus Files is one stop on the tour.  The book is Informed Consent and the author is Sandra Glahn. Some of the information here is story summary and a few interview questions, but… (more…)