Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Best I Can Do

This week I think I want to revisit the topic of love based on two things. One, a comment that my friend James left last week – and two, some study that I’m doing in John 21. The question is, “Is it alright if I can’t pull off Agape love?” It’s not that I don’t want to love on the… (more…)

Love Has It’s Reasons

Did you ever watch a movie that is clearly not worth the time you spent with it? In our family, those movies are on “The List!” It is a dubious dishonor to be on “The List.” Among the titles on “The List” (cause I know you’re curious) Fargo, Road to Perdition, The Good Girl, Lord of War, Marie Antoinette and… (more…)

Upon Further Review

Well its football season again. And with football season comes another birthday for me. 48. I read the other day that the phrase we have long associated with football will now be a part of the NBA… upon further review. The NBA will use it, not to see if one of their refs has blown a call, (on purpose or otherwise)… (more…)