Monthly Archives: June 2007

Don’t Count This One

Every now and then, I have these scenes that re-play in my mind from various events in my life where I said something that was completely wrong. These words built barriers, caused trouble, hindered teaching, and washed out influence. But more than all those things, my careless words often hurt people that I love.  Beyond being careless, sometimes my words… (more…)

A Learning Road Trip – Part 2

On the second portion of Learning Journey, I drove from Wheaton, Illinois to my adopted hometown of Kirksville, Missouri. It was a nice drive on a perfect day. I stopped in Quincy, Illinois for a visual visit to a couple places we lived when I was a boy. I also wanted to see the church building that played a big… (more…)

A Learning Road Trip – Part 1

I spent most of last week in Wheaton, (Chicago) Illinois. I was attending the Write to Publish conference. It was a long week – not bad long, just long. I felt like I needed some car-time so I decided to fly to St. Louis and then drive up to the conference. It was a great plan.  On the drive up,… (more…)