Monthly Archives: May 2007

Stealing Second

I always enjoy a baseball game. We watch the sad Rangers once in a while at home and wonder why they’re so bad. We cheered for the Cards last fall of course. I believe the Yankees are the Philistines of baseball and to watch them lose is always a treat… however, they, like Philistines, never seem to go away. When… (more…)

The Exile Continues

Last November, I went on a self-imposed exile from the News, Talk Radio and News television programs that involve people screaming at one another. I thought it would last for 30 days. My family said I would never make it – I was too “hooked”. It’s now been seven months.  I’ve focused on music and good reading material. Through this,… (more…)

You Made It Right

Yesterday after work, I strapped on my running shoes, powered up my I-pod Shuffle, and went for a nice slow jog. I recently allowed I-tunes to fill the Shuffle with random music. So I have no idea what song will play next. The Shuffle holds over 16 hours of music (pure greatness!!)    As I was slowly making my way down the sidewalk,… (more…)


I thought there was something about her the day she was born. (All parents say that I think, but I mean something more!) We gave her the name Aubrey Hope Misheal. Aubrey was from a song, Hope is from the biblical idea of expecting good things and Misheal (pronounced Michelle) after me. Here are a few lines from the song she… (more…)