Monthly Archives: April 2007


Pieta’  I’m reading a book by Ken Gire called, The Work of His Hands. The subtitle is, The Agony and Ecstasy of Being Conformed to the Image of Christ. It’s a compelling idea. The agony is the process. The ecstasy is those thrilling moments when we find that we’ve actually done what Jesus would do. Becoming like Jesus is an… (more…)

Where is Kevin Arnold?

Last week, Brittany and I were watching TV and caught an episode of The Wonder Years I had not seen before. It was the one about choosing teams for basketball.  In that horrible way that we all experienced, the coach selected certain boys to be captains and they took turns choosing the players they wanted on their teams. Of course… (more…)

Taking It Back

Many years ago, a co-worker who I had been trying to teach and share the gospel with, called me late in the evening and asked if I would “help” him do something. Although he sounded vague on the phone, I went over to his house to “help”. When I arrived, he took me into his house and opened a closet… (more…)