Monthly Archives: September 2006

It’s Fun Being Right

A few weeks ago I was reading and I found some information that, to me, indicated the price of gas was going to drop significantly. This was well before it was in the main stream media. I ran into my wife at Wal-Mart and she mentioned that she needed to buy gas. I said to her, “Only buy a little,… (more…)

The Influence of Denial

When I was in the 4th grade a kid who went by the initials J.B. decided to make it his mission to harass me. So he bullied me around and picked on me, nothing too mean, just a hassle. One day it escalated into treatment that was more physical. He held me on the ground and tried to force me… (more…)

What Can YOU Do?

This week of remembering the events of 9/11/2001 has been accented with stories of heroes, as it should be. We need more heroes.Men who care about their kids more than themselves are heroic. Moms who sacrifice their own desires for those of their husbands are heroic. Ministers who bravely and clearly declare truth for the sake of the gospel and… (more…)

Love the Lord – Part IV

Last Saturday, in the middle of the night, Rhonda screamed. Not a word, it was one of those terror filled girl screams. (Yes, living with Rhonda is an adventure.) I was standing on the floor before my eyes were open. She was crying and screaming, “Someone is in here.” I still couldn’t see anyone, but surmised that she had been… (more…)