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You Have to Stop Caring

At my weekly meeting for coffee with my dad, we were talking about freedom and bondage related to people in churches and families. In the course of our conversation I said, “I’ve learned one thing; You have to get to the place where you don’t care if they listen or not. Because if you care, it will always beat you… (more…)


In my office, I have a poster that hangs on the wall. It reads, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Joshua 1:5). This is the promise of God to Joshua and claimed by most people who have ever walked with God. We trust that whatever life may bring our way, whatever the enemy throws and the Lord allows… (more…)

Ghost Rider

Last week I took Caleb to see Ghost Rider. This is a new movie staring Nicholas Cage. The short version is that the Devil tricks Johnny Blaze, (Cage) into trading his soul for his father’s health. (Side Bar – You can never trust the devil in any deal. He is a liar and he can be no other.) Without giving… (more…)

Man I Wish I Was Beautiful

When I was a teenager, like most teens, I spent a lot of time in my room – laying across the bed listening to the radio. And like every generation, we lived through the music that we heard.  We listened to the Beatles and wanted to hold her hand. We felt groovy before we really knew what it was. We… (more…)

That Was Harsh

Over recent weeks, we’ve been watching that social train wreck that is – American Idol. I’m not a fan of Simon Cowell. I think he is rude, insensitive, usually honest to a fault and sometimes brutally harsh. He even told one contestant that he was “funny looking.” But I do appreciate his candor. It seems the more clueless a person… (more…)

All the More

Every so often one of my girls will come to me and say something like, “Dad, you’re so wonderful and since you love me sooooo much…..” You know how that works. They don’t come expressing their need, (or want) they come appealing to my love for them. As long as you know you’re being played I guess that’s ok. They… (more…)

Fruit – Practically Speaking

It can happen to any of us I suppose. When we begin to study God’s word and grow in our understanding, we are always looking for that next nugget of truth that will light up our souls or impress the folks at Bible study. We will pass by something familiar in search of the “undiscovered insight,” and those insights do… (more…)

In Repair

The washing machine broke last week. It’s only about three years old. The technician that came out replaced a coupling but warned that the motor was going. As soon as he left and we started a load of clothes, it was clear that it was still not working. So, we called them back out.  This time, the owner came and… (more…)

I Need a Famine

John Stossel does those, Give Me a Break programs on ABC. I like them because most of the time he is saying things the rest of us think but don’t have a platform to speak about. Like why when you buy a box of Pop Tarts – and the box is 30% empty. Like we’re to dumb to know they’re… (more…)

One Year Later

It was one year ago this week, (or something close to this week,) that I began a weekly blog called, The Telemicus Files. It is mostly to point friends and family to thoughts on spiritual things. As I told you from the beginning, this is not meant to be a deep theological endeavor, its meant to help us think a… (more…)