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Who Knows…

Back in the mid 70’s our family lived in Kirksville, Missouri where my dad, Jonathan preached. In the trenches of ministry, it is sometimes hard to see if you are making any progress. We see challenges, we take on the opposition, we beg God for help, we walk faithfully and we wonder; Am I making any difference? But now and… (more…)

The Courage of Brotherhood

Scott is my brother. He’s been a part of almost everything that I’ve done in my life that was cool. I was about 16 years old when he was born. So I’ve always been older by a good ways. But now we are both grown married men with kids. We share similar views (not matching) on music, religion, politics and… (more…)

Questions and Answers

Watching the debate last week I noticed how often a question was asked and then both men of whom it was asked simply went right on and said the things they wanted to say, failing to answer the question posed. Then in Bible class, I saw another example of this same thing, but done well. It happened in John 14.… (more…)

Character and the Poisoned Waterhole

When I was doing youth ministry, one of the questions parents asked me regularly was, “How do I keep my kid from getting in with the wrong crowd?” The question stretches into the world of celebrity, pro sports, business – yes and even churches. The wrong crowd will always poison the waterhole of character.   In the wrong crowd, there… (more…)

I’m Gonna Say Jesus

You’ve probably heard the story of the children’s Bible class where the teacher gazes at the bright innocent faces of eight first graders and asks, “Can anyone tell me what has long ears, a tiny pink nose, a thick fluffy tail and hops all around?” One little guy timidly raises his hand and says, “Well it sounds like a bunny… (more…)

Putting Away Our Badges

When I was a boy, I was in Webelos. This is the extent of my scouting career. I remember it as fun. I loved to earn badges and patches. In the course of the year that I was a Webelo I earned several. I don’t have any idea what happened to them. I suppose they lost their significance in my… (more…)

For Mary (and You)

This is my mom and my Aunt Mary. Mary is near the end of this life’s journey. I don’t think it has been an easy trip for Mary. She endured the absence of her husband for many years of active duty in the military. She worked to care for her son and her mother. I remember her being an angry… (more…)

The Most Powerful Force

I haven’t thrown out a hot opinion like this in a long time. I’ve come to a conclusion, and it’s a little radical, but I think I’m right on this and feel free to throw down your own HSO (hot spiritual opinion) if you like. (I’m sure the theologians will dismantle me on this, but think it through.)  Love is… (more…)

It ain’t all good… But, it’s all good.

There is a new program this fall that I really like. Its called Journey Man. Dan Vasser is a family man who suddenly finds himself in another time and place from where he should be. In each episode there are people he interacts with and through his actions, he changes their lives. He doesn’t know why this is happening; he… (more…)

The Best I Can Do

This week I think I want to revisit the topic of love based on two things. One, a comment that my friend James left last week – and two, some study that I’m doing in John 21. The question is, “Is it alright if I can’t pull off Agape love?” It’s not that I don’t want to love on the… (more…)