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You Have to Stop Caring

At my weekly meeting for coffee with my dad, we were talking about freedom and bondage related to people in churches and families. In the course of our conversation I said, “I’ve learned one thing; You have to get to the place where you don’t care if they listen or not. Because if you care, it will always beat you… (more…)

Man I Wish I Was Beautiful

When I was a teenager, like most teens, I spent a lot of time in my room – laying across the bed listening to the radio. And like every generation, we lived through the music that we heard.  We listened to the Beatles and wanted to hold her hand. We felt groovy before we really knew what it was. We… (more…)

In Repair

The washing machine broke last week. It’s only about three years old. The technician that came out replaced a coupling but warned that the motor was going. As soon as he left and we started a load of clothes, it was clear that it was still not working. So, we called them back out.  This time, the owner came and… (more…)

A Staement of Trust

Years ago, Billy Joel did a song called, A Matter of Trust. Good song! Trust is easy – until it’s put to a test. When the circumstances are not what we have in mind, our trust becomes a precarious cliff that we walk the edge of until we either move to secure ground or dive headlong into the abyss.  But… (more…)

Waiting for Something to Happen

Did you ever experience one of those periods of life when it seemed you were waiting for something to happen that would move life forward somehow. You looked down the road of your life . . . looking for a sign you couldn’t name or an answer to a prayer you dare not ask. Jackson Browne starts out the song,… (more…)

What Can YOU Do?

This week of remembering the events of 9/11/2001 has been accented with stories of heroes, as it should be. We need more heroes.Men who care about their kids more than themselves are heroic. Moms who sacrifice their own desires for those of their husbands are heroic. Ministers who bravely and clearly declare truth for the sake of the gospel and… (more…)