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“You say you’ve lost your faith…”

Bob Dylan’s Positively 4th Street has long been a favorite of mine. Partly because it’s so in your face and partly because of a unique place it holds in my relationship with my sister Jodi. There’s a line in the song where Bob says, “You say you’ve lost your faith, but that’s not where it’s at… you had no faith… (more…)

In Praise of Teens

In the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes, there is a surly character named Limbo. He is sort of a slave trader dealing in humans. While making a sale of a human child he issues one of the most memorable lines from the film… “The young ones make great pets. Just make sure you kill them before they mature.… (more…)

Looking For Space

I woke up early this morning. When I fell asleep a few hours earlier I was listening to my Relax playlist on my Ipod. I have liked John Denver’s music since I was a teen. As I lay there this morning, the song by John Denver called Looking for Space came on. Perhaps for the first time ever, the lyrics… (more…)

The Most Powerful Force

I haven’t thrown out a hot opinion like this in a long time. I’ve come to a conclusion, and it’s a little radical, but I think I’m right on this and feel free to throw down your own HSO (hot spiritual opinion) if you like. (I’m sure the theologians will dismantle me on this, but think it through.)  Love is… (more…)

Across The Universe

This past Saturday I went with Brittany to see the new movie, Across The Universe. In a word, Genius! If you like the Beatles, you’ll love this movie. The singing is very good, the acting is crisp. As musicals go, it’s the first one I’ve seen in a long time that I really enjoyed. The story, set in the turbulence… (more…)


The Boss is back with another album. It’s called Magic and it is greatness. I’ve been a Bruce fan for a long time. Born to Run came out in 1975 when I was 16 years old. I developed a real appreciation for his writing and music in the 80’s. His life has had it’s ups and downs, but he continues… (more…)

The Best I Can Do

This week I think I want to revisit the topic of love based on two things. One, a comment that my friend James left last week – and two, some study that I’m doing in John 21. The question is, “Is it alright if I can’t pull off Agape love?” It’s not that I don’t want to love on the… (more…)

The Exile Continues

Last November, I went on a self-imposed exile from the News, Talk Radio and News television programs that involve people screaming at one another. I thought it would last for 30 days. My family said I would never make it – I was too “hooked”. It’s now been seven months.  I’ve focused on music and good reading material. Through this,… (more…)

You Made It Right

Yesterday after work, I strapped on my running shoes, powered up my I-pod Shuffle, and went for a nice slow jog. I recently allowed I-tunes to fill the Shuffle with random music. So I have no idea what song will play next. The Shuffle holds over 16 hours of music (pure greatness!!)    As I was slowly making my way down the sidewalk,… (more…)


I thought there was something about her the day she was born. (All parents say that I think, but I mean something more!) We gave her the name Aubrey Hope Misheal. Aubrey was from a song, Hope is from the biblical idea of expecting good things and Misheal (pronounced Michelle) after me. Here are a few lines from the song she… (more…)