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Love Has It’s Reasons

Did you ever watch a movie that is clearly not worth the time you spent with it? In our family, those movies are on “The List!” It is a dubious dishonor to be on “The List.” Among the titles on “The List” (cause I know you’re curious) Fargo, Road to Perdition, The Good Girl, Lord of War, Marie Antoinette and… (more…)

Upon Further Review

Well its football season again. And with football season comes another birthday for me. 48. I read the other day that the phrase we have long associated with football will now be a part of the NBA… upon further review. The NBA will use it, not to see if one of their refs has blown a call, (on purpose or otherwise)… (more…)

How to Make 50 Years

On August 26th my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We are going to have a special celebration on the 25th. I perhaps will tell you a bit about the celebration at another time. (We don’t want to tip our hand on things.) But I want to share a few words about Jonathan and Carolyn Taylor.  Words that describe… (more…)

Jonathan – Part 2

300 is a movie about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae. Around 480 years B.C. Xerxes was trying to take over the world for his own glory and that of Persia. He had an army, estimates vary, but it was between 250,000 and 1.5 million. This awesome force intended to take Greece as it had all other nations. However, they did… (more…)

Jonathan – Part 1

There is no character in scripture that intrigues me more than Jonathan – son of Saul. Somehow the writers and teachers, especially in the “men’s movement” have overlooked his heart and character. His wisdom, strength, courage and goodness deserve an examination. So I am going to share a few thoughts about him. There may be a couple of entries each… (more…)

Taking It Back

Many years ago, a co-worker who I had been trying to teach and share the gospel with, called me late in the evening and asked if I would “help” him do something. Although he sounded vague on the phone, I went over to his house to “help”. When I arrived, he took me into his house and opened a closet… (more…)

A Character to Keep

This week a good movie came out on video that I think everyone should see, (if they want to.) Stranger than Fiction, is an offbeat romantic comedy starring Will Farrell. The movie is about an author who is trying to complete a book where the main character, Harold Crick, an obsessive IRS agent, is also a real person. The author… (more…)

Ghost Rider

Last week I took Caleb to see Ghost Rider. This is a new movie staring Nicholas Cage. The short version is that the Devil tricks Johnny Blaze, (Cage) into trading his soul for his father’s health. (Side Bar – You can never trust the devil in any deal. He is a liar and he can be no other.) Without giving… (more…)


Last week I took Caleb to see the new movie, Eragon. If you’re a fan of this type movie, its good and don’t listen to the critics. There are many good things about the film… but this story is about the aftermath. On the way home from the movie I was telling Cale that the book was written by a 17… (more…)

A Good Year

A Good Year is a movie about a rich stock trader, Max Skinner, who has learned to love nothing and no one but money. In his childhood, he spent summers with his Uncle Henry in France. In the course of his busy, materialistic life, he stopped making contact with Henry. After ten years of unintended separation, he receives word that… (more…)