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Who Knows…

Back in the mid 70’s our family lived in Kirksville, Missouri where my dad, Jonathan preached. In the trenches of ministry, it is sometimes hard to see if you are making any progress. We see challenges, we take on the opposition, we beg God for help, we walk faithfully and we wonder; Am I making any difference? But now and… (more…)

Christmas Trees and People

When I was a teenager, our parents let the four of us kids drive out to the Christmas tree farm east of Kirksville to pick and cut down the family tree. I think the price in 1975 was $8.00 if you cut it yourself. We loaded into the station wagon, my sister Cindy drove. We arrived at the lot with… (more…)

Thank You for Hearing Me

I have one of those clocks with two alarms. When the first rings, I usually shut it off, turn off the fan, turn on the radio, and climb back under the covers. Fifteen minutes later the second alarm goes off. I sometimes doze off during this intermission, but sometimes I pray. This morning I strolled into prayer for one of… (more…)

The Courage of Brotherhood

Scott is my brother. He’s been a part of almost everything that I’ve done in my life that was cool. I was about 16 years old when he was born. So I’ve always been older by a good ways. But now we are both grown married men with kids. We share similar views (not matching) on music, religion, politics and… (more…)

Mt. Elbert 2 / Taylors 0

In spite of great planning, good preparation and even a good bounce from time to time, things can go from good to bad in a hurry. Last week, my brother and I took a trip back to Colorado to climb Mount Elbert.  I say back because we were there twelve years ago and we got close to the top, but… (more…)

For Mary (and You)

This is my mom and my Aunt Mary. Mary is near the end of this life’s journey. I don’t think it has been an easy trip for Mary. She endured the absence of her husband for many years of active duty in the military. She worked to care for her son and her mother. I remember her being an angry… (more…)

The Road

It seems a little odd to encourage you to read a book that won the Pulitzer. It’s much like saying, “You should try my mom’s banana pudding.” Its greatness goes without saying and certainly doesn’t require my endorsement. However, I saw something in the book that was noble and good.   The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy in 2006, tells… (more…)

Recommended Resolutions

As you know, I haven’t posted an article since mid December. I’ve been looking for a voice. I want to say things here that matter and that have relevance. I want this spot and the 3 minutes a week that you spend here to be worthwhile. I honestly don’t think there is anything great about my thoughts or words. But… (more…)

To Be Found

A few weeks ago, I went to see the new movie August Rush. No spoiler here. I’m not telling you how it ends or even the full story line. I will give you this much though. The movie is about a boy who is given up for adoption at birth. As he grows, he comes to know within his soul… (more…)

How to Make 50 Years

On August 26th my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We are going to have a special celebration on the 25th. I perhaps will tell you a bit about the celebration at another time. (We don’t want to tip our hand on things.) But I want to share a few words about Jonathan and Carolyn Taylor.  Words that describe… (more…)