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We Would Help Them . . . Wouldn’t We?

Earlier this week the family watched the show, “What would you Do?” In this edition, they had a group of college students (actors) publicly hazing fraternity pledges. In one scene, they tied a student to a light pole with plastic wrap and a passerby took out a pocketknife and cut him loose. When it appeared to be going too far,… (more…)

It ain’t all good… But, it’s all good.

There is a new program this fall that I really like. Its called Journey Man. Dan Vasser is a family man who suddenly finds himself in another time and place from where he should be. In each episode there are people he interacts with and through his actions, he changes their lives. He doesn’t know why this is happening; he… (more…)

Many Sparrows

This week a new show premiered on TNT called, Saving Grace. It stars Holly hunter as Grace – an immoral, hard working and hard drinking detective in Oklahoma City. Grace seems to have a good heart but life has been hard on her, so she runs to men and alcohol for comfort. God places her in a crisis and in… (more…)