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Taking It Back

Many years ago, a co-worker who I had been trying to teach and share the gospel with, called me late in the evening and asked if I would “help” him do something. Although he sounded vague on the phone, I went over to his house to “help”. When I arrived, he took me into his house and opened a closet… (more…)

The Cost of Prejudice

Don’t we all think of ourselves as open-minded people? I am a person of very strong opinions. I come to those opinions with forethought and information, (usually). However, something has happened to me in recent weeks that have convinced me that I’m quite prejudiced in certain areas. (These illuminations have me concerned that there may be other creatures lurking under… (more…)

A Character to Keep

This week a good movie came out on video that I think everyone should see, (if they want to.) Stranger than Fiction, is an offbeat romantic comedy starring Will Farrell. The movie is about an author who is trying to complete a book where the main character, Harold Crick, an obsessive IRS agent, is also a real person. The author… (more…)

That Was Harsh

Over recent weeks, we’ve been watching that social train wreck that is – American Idol. I’m not a fan of Simon Cowell. I think he is rude, insensitive, usually honest to a fault and sometimes brutally harsh. He even told one contestant that he was “funny looking.” But I do appreciate his candor. It seems the more clueless a person… (more…)

A Good Year

A Good Year is a movie about a rich stock trader, Max Skinner, who has learned to love nothing and no one but money. In his childhood, he spent summers with his Uncle Henry in France. In the course of his busy, materialistic life, he stopped making contact with Henry. After ten years of unintended separation, he receives word that… (more…)

Waiting for Something to Happen

Did you ever experience one of those periods of life when it seemed you were waiting for something to happen that would move life forward somehow. You looked down the road of your life . . . looking for a sign you couldn’t name or an answer to a prayer you dare not ask. Jackson Browne starts out the song,… (more…)

People Can Change

I had been wanting to watch this movie since it came out, but it just didn’t make the top of the list… until last Friday. On the way home, I stopped at the DVD store and picked up 16 Blocks. It’s a good movie about police corruption. Jack Mosley, (Bruce Willis) is a beaten down alcohol driven cop who is… (more…)

Fake Raisin Bran

When I was a boy, my sisters and I would usually spend some time each summer at our grandma’s house in northeast Oklahoma . She lived out in the country. I always liked going there. Granddad had lots stuff that a boy would find cool. My favorite thing was a lamp that sat on the table beside his chair. The… (more…)

What Boys Need

Well this week Brittany and I caught the film School for Scoundrels. It’s not going to be nominated for any awards. Its funny, a bit course and slightly lame. The plot of the movie is that Dr. P runs a school for wimps. He teaches them how to stand up for themselves and be confident. The hero of the film… (more…)