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The Boss is back with another album. It’s called Magic and it is greatness. I’ve been a Bruce fan for a long time. Born to Run came out in 1975 when I was 16 years old. I developed a real appreciation for his writing and music in the 80’s. His life has had it’s ups and downs, but he continues… (more…)

Upon Further Review

Well its football season again. And with football season comes another birthday for me. 48. I read the other day that the phrase we have long associated with football will now be a part of the NBA… upon further review. The NBA will use it, not to see if one of their refs has blown a call, (on purpose or otherwise)… (more…)

Turning Lose

Who in their right mind would allow these two to move out and live on their own without adult supervision and parental guidance? Well to me this is who they are . . . and yet, it’s not who they are at all. They don’t really require adult supervision anymore and they will always have parental guidance when they need… (more…)

Don’t Count This One

Every now and then, I have these scenes that re-play in my mind from various events in my life where I said something that was completely wrong. These words built barriers, caused trouble, hindered teaching, and washed out influence. But more than all those things, my careless words often hurt people that I love.  Beyond being careless, sometimes my words… (more…)

A Learning Road Trip – Part 2

On the second portion of Learning Journey, I drove from Wheaton, Illinois to my adopted hometown of Kirksville, Missouri. It was a nice drive on a perfect day. I stopped in Quincy, Illinois for a visual visit to a couple places we lived when I was a boy. I also wanted to see the church building that played a big… (more…)

A Learning Road Trip – Part 1

I spent most of last week in Wheaton, (Chicago) Illinois. I was attending the Write to Publish conference. It was a long week – not bad long, just long. I felt like I needed some car-time so I decided to fly to St. Louis and then drive up to the conference. It was a great plan.  On the drive up,… (more…)

Stealing Second

I always enjoy a baseball game. We watch the sad Rangers once in a while at home and wonder why they’re so bad. We cheered for the Cards last fall of course. I believe the Yankees are the Philistines of baseball and to watch them lose is always a treat… however, they, like Philistines, never seem to go away. When… (more…)

The Exile Continues

Last November, I went on a self-imposed exile from the News, Talk Radio and News television programs that involve people screaming at one another. I thought it would last for 30 days. My family said I would never make it – I was too “hooked”. It’s now been seven months.  I’ve focused on music and good reading material. Through this,… (more…)

You Made It Right

Yesterday after work, I strapped on my running shoes, powered up my I-pod Shuffle, and went for a nice slow jog. I recently allowed I-tunes to fill the Shuffle with random music. So I have no idea what song will play next. The Shuffle holds over 16 hours of music (pure greatness!!)    As I was slowly making my way down the sidewalk,… (more…)

Where is Kevin Arnold?

Last week, Brittany and I were watching TV and caught an episode of The Wonder Years I had not seen before. It was the one about choosing teams for basketball.  In that horrible way that we all experienced, the coach selected certain boys to be captains and they took turns choosing the players they wanted on their teams. Of course… (more…)