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The Price of Gas

Okay, here’s the deal. I am a free market capitalist. I think the market should drive the cost of goods and services. I’m not against profits. But I have to say that I’m against crooked thieves who practice gouging, extortion and screwing the consumer because they can. There are many elements in this equation, but I want to just address… (more…)

For Mary (and You)

This is my mom and my Aunt Mary. Mary is near the end of this life’s journey. I don’t think it has been an easy trip for Mary. She endured the absence of her husband for many years of active duty in the military. She worked to care for her son and her mother. I remember her being an angry… (more…)

Work Hard

On Tuesday of this week, we were watching American Idol, (that dreadlock boy, Jason Castro is from Rockwall.) This week the format changed a bit and the contestants sang two songs. They told the judges they would give their critique for both after the second song. But Ryan threw the world out of balance (for Paula) when he asked for… (more…)

Whaddya Got?

In the classic movie of 1953, The Wild One, Marlon Brando plays Johnny Strabler, a juvenile delinquent wrapped in black leather. In one of the most famous lines from the film, Mildred asks, “What are you rebelling against Johnny?” Tapping a tune on the jukebox, he lifts an eyebrow and says, “Whaddya got?”  A few years ago, the Milk Producers… (more…)

10,000 B.C.

The critics got it wrong. I heard a number of reports that this movie was bad and dumb and one of these self-proclaimed experts actually said it was “funny.” It’s not funny – although there are funny moments. It’s a serious story that carries us through struggle and genuine pain. There are physical challenges and emotional heartbreaks. Once again, I… (more…)

Recommended Resolutions

As you know, I haven’t posted an article since mid December. I’ve been looking for a voice. I want to say things here that matter and that have relevance. I want this spot and the 3 minutes a week that you spend here to be worthwhile. I honestly don’t think there is anything great about my thoughts or words. But… (more…)

To Be Found

A few weeks ago, I went to see the new movie August Rush. No spoiler here. I’m not telling you how it ends or even the full story line. I will give you this much though. The movie is about a boy who is given up for adoption at birth. As he grows, he comes to know within his soul… (more…)

Looking For Space

I woke up early this morning. When I fell asleep a few hours earlier I was listening to my Relax playlist on my Ipod. I have liked John Denver’s music since I was a teen. As I lay there this morning, the song by John Denver called Looking for Space came on. Perhaps for the first time ever, the lyrics… (more…)

The Most Powerful Force

I haven’t thrown out a hot opinion like this in a long time. I’ve come to a conclusion, and it’s a little radical, but I think I’m right on this and feel free to throw down your own HSO (hot spiritual opinion) if you like. (I’m sure the theologians will dismantle me on this, but think it through.)  Love is… (more…)

Across The Universe

This past Saturday I went with Brittany to see the new movie, Across The Universe. In a word, Genius! If you like the Beatles, you’ll love this movie. The singing is very good, the acting is crisp. As musicals go, it’s the first one I’ve seen in a long time that I really enjoyed. The story, set in the turbulence… (more…)