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It’s a minor one, but…

I recently saw the movie, Midnight in Paris. I enjoyed the film. It’s got writing, romance, a bit of fantasy and a couple of insights that I feel are worth some thought. In the film, the main character, Gil, has an epiphany of sorts and says, “I’m having an insight here. It’s a minor one, but it explains the anxiety…”… (more…)

I Shouldn’t Ask… Should I?

I started to pray last night. It jumped right out of my heart, this request of the Father. Before it could bounce off the ceiling, I snagged it out of the air and said to myself, “You cant ask for that.” You see, I’ve prayed for certain things for many years, and for many years God has been silent on… (more…)

Like That Other Dad…

I wish I were different. I’m not good at acting or sounding religious. I don’t say spiritual things and if on occasion I do, it seems about as natural as wearing scuba flippers on a bicycle. I’m certainly a believer, but I don’t think I’m good at it. I pray, but those prayers do not resonate with confidence. It seems… (more…)

You know – I’m gonna do that…

Look at this commercial with Peyton Manning, where he visits hotels in the towns of his opponents. At each of his encounters with fans from the “home team,” he never quite senses the malevolence in their comments. I don’t know if Peyton Manning is always that way, but I wish I were. To always see good intentions in the actions… (more…)

All the More

Every so often one of my girls will come to me and say something like, “Dad, you’re so wonderful and since you love me sooooo much…..” You know how that works. They don’t come expressing their need, (or want) they come appealing to my love for them. As long as you know you’re being played I guess that’s ok. They… (more…)