The Compass

In the summer of 1994, I took a small group of teens to Red River, New Mexico to hike and camp. It was a great trip filled with first time experiences and unforgettable moments. We camped at a place called Middle Fork Lake. It’s a two hour hike to get up to this little lake sitting on top of a… (more…)

What Needs to Happen

I don’t care for sappy spiritual talk. I’m not one of those “Praise Jebus” types, (that would be those who “talk Jesus” but don’t really know him.) I am sharing my weak and struggling heart on this. I don’t always readily turn to prayer. I pray and I trust as best I can, but I rarely feel that God heard… (more…)

You know – I’m gonna do that…

Look at this commercial with Peyton Manning, where he visits hotels in the towns of his opponents. At each of his encounters with fans from the “home team,” he never quite senses the malevolence in their comments. I don’t know if Peyton Manning is always that way, but I wish I were. To always see good intentions in the actions… (more…)

Simple Politics

I don’t like complicated. It gives me tired head. I don’t want complicated theology. I don’t want complicated cars. I don’t want complicated menus and I don’t want complicated politics. But it seems there are those among us who enjoy taking the simple jewelry of any subject and turning them into a tangled mess of tiny chains that require tweezers,… (more…)

How to Make 50 Years

On August 26th my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We are going to have a special celebration on the 25th. I perhaps will tell you a bit about the celebration at another time. (We don’t want to tip our hand on things.) But I want to share a few words about Jonathan and Carolyn Taylor.  Words that describe… (more…)

When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together

In the 80s there was a TV show called, The A-Team. The leader of the A-Team was a guy named Hannibal. His tag line was, “I love it when a plan comes together.” I agree. But every now and then, the plan falls completely apart and the wheels fall off the cart and there is so much mayhem that it… (more…)