A More Civil War (redux)

I originally wrote this piece over three years ago during the conflict over Obama Care. We all know how that was forced through and then upheld by trickery in front of the Supreme Court. Now we are facing the election that I mention at the close of this piece. I hope you will read and share this updated re-post. ~… (more…)

It is what it is….

I did a memorial service for a woman whom I did not know a few weeks back. When I spent some time with the family one of the things that they told me about her was that she accepted the illness that was taking her life, but fought against it every day.  They said she would often say, “It is… (more…)

It’s a minor one, but…

I recently saw the movie, Midnight in Paris. I enjoyed the film. It’s got writing, romance, a bit of fantasy and a couple of insights that I feel are worth some thought. In the film, the main character, Gil, has an epiphany of sorts and says, “I’m having an insight here. It’s a minor one, but it explains the anxiety…”… (more…)

I Knew You’d Be Good

I’ve come to love the movie, The Kings Speech. There are many elements of it that I enjoy; the relationship that Logue shares with the King of course. The character of Churchill is played perfectly. But the character I want to talk about here is Queen Elizabeth, the Kings wife. She is regal, without being aloof. She is humble, but… (more…)

“You say you’ve lost your faith…”

Bob Dylan’s Positively 4th Street has long been a favorite of mine. Partly because it’s so in your face and partly because of a unique place it holds in my relationship with my sister Jodi. There’s a line in the song where Bob says, “You say you’ve lost your faith, but that’s not where it’s at… you had no faith… (more…)

What Do You Want?

I love the movie Field of Dreams. There are several scenes that I think speak to feelings and emotions we all share. But the scene where Ray ‘kidnaps’ Terrance to the ball game is one that I particularly enjoyed. They are talking about life and the experience of involvement in the 60s and of those who still lived with part… (more…)

Proprieties at all times… if you please.

Does honor still matter? I had jury duty this week. They introduced the Judge as, honorable. The people in the court room who talked to him called him, ‘your honor.’ As a result I studied (contemplated) on the notion of honor a little bit. I don’t know if the judge is honorable or not. Perhaps it’s the position more than… (more…)

Mostly Good…

We are in a series of lessons at church called, The Master’s Touch. It’s a study in Mark. I assign my son Caleb a chapter to read each week and he is supposed to read it several times during the week. (crazy to assign your own kid reading, I know!) So a couple of weeks back I text Caleb and… (more…)

Settle Up

Did you see the 2005 movie Cinderella Man? It was a good movie, sometimes hurt the heart, but it was good. It’s a true story about a fighter during the depression era named James Braddock. He falls on hard times, there’s no work, he can’t pay his bills and can’t afford the medicine one of his kids needs. A friend… (more…)

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